71 Questions for self discovery
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Looking to start your self-discovery journey? this post is going to share questions for self discovery, these questions will help you to discover yourself and what you want to achieve in life.

What is Self Discovery

Self discovery is the process of finding yourself, discovering who you are, what your purpose is in life and what you want to achieve in life, it is also the process where you start your personal growth process in every aspect of your life. That is where the questions for self discovery comes in when you ask yourself these questions it will help you along your journey.

This questions for self discovery are important for your self-reflection, you can use these questions for self discovery will help months or even years from now, I just want you to know that there are no correct answers, your answer today can be different from your answer next month. Questions for self discovery will help you focus on what is more important to you for your personal growth.

Questions For Self Discovery

  1. What are my five most cherished values?
  2. What is your personality type? you can check your personality type here
  3. Am I confident in myself? Here is how to build your confidence
  4. Do I make time for my social life?
  5. What is my life purpose?
  6. What scares me the most?
  7. What are the things that inspire me?
  8. What brings me joy every day?
  9. When was the last time I gave back to others?
  10. What matters to me?
  11. What is that something I would like to do more often and why?
  12. What do I want to do less?
  13. What five words describe me best?
  14. What keeps me awake at night?
  15. Did I make time for myself this week?
  16. How important is my health for me?
  17. How important is my mental health for me?
  18. Have I been holding myself back?
  19. What are the obstacles that are in my way for me to be happy?
  20. What is my greatest gift?
  21. What do I do for me to be happier?
  22. How do I define my work-life balance?
  23. Do I stand up for myself at work?
  24. Who inspires me in my career choice?
  25. Do I feel fulfilled at work?
  26. What is my biggest regret?
  27. What are my favorite memories?
  28. What are my strengths?
  29. What motivated me to reach where I am in life right now?
  30. Am I happy with my life right now?
  31. How happy am I?
  32. What am I grateful for?
  33. What do I want to improve in my life right now?
  34. What is my weakness and how can I improve it?
  35. What do I admire in myself?
  36. Am I where I want to be in life?
  37. What are the most valuable lessons I have learned in life?
  38. Do I judge myself? if yes why do I do it?
  39. What are my plans for the next five years?
  40. What makes me comfortable?
  41. What does not make me comfortable?
  42. What stresses me out?
  43. What are my limiting beliefs?
  44. What is empowering beliefs?
  45. What drains all of my energy?
  46. How do I deal with stress?
  47. What is my definition of success?
  48. What am I passionate about?
  49. Do I trust my own advice? if no, why do I not trust it?
  50. Do I express myself enough?
  51. Have I accepted myself for who I am?
  52. What is my biggest dream?
  53. What are my goals for myself?
  54. What are my fears?
  55. Do I Believe I myself to achieve my goals?
  56. Who Am I?
  57. Do I know my self worth?
  58. How often do I get jealous and envious?
  59. What achievements am I proud of?
  60. Am I still holding on to something from my past?
  61. Do I love my current job?
  62. What is my ideal career?
  63. What are the bad habits that I need to stop?
  64. What are the habits I need to pick up in order to succeed?
  65. Who are the people holding me back from achieving my goals?
  66. Why do I not let people get close to me?
  67. Who are the most important people in my life?
  68. what are my hobbies?
  69. Can I overcome my fears?
  70. What is my ideal job?
  71. What opportunities am I looking for?

That is my post on questions for self discovery, I hope these questions for self discovery helps with your self discovery and self-reflection journey. Remember that there is no correct answer to these questions.

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  1. I have been really into these self discovery prompts lately; I feel like it’s that time of year when I start soul searching again!

  2. I’ve been looking for a list like this with some good questions to think about for journaling and understanding myself better. Thanks!!

  3. Wow amazing list to reflect your self wonders,
    I like the most What are my values and what makes me
    feel comfortable..

  4. This is a great list. I feel the journey to self discovery is every evolving. I’m gonna pin this and come back to the question to ask to myself ✨🧑

  5. I love this post. Is it bad that I screenshotted the entire post so I can journal about the questions?!?! Thank you for the inspiration to dig a bit deeper with my self discovery.

  6. These are such fantastic questions! It would be so helpful to tackle one of these a day as a journaling exercise. Thanks for sharing these!

  7. These are fabulous questions. We can ask these kinds of questions at different times throughout our life – some of our answers will change, others will stay the same – and that’s what makes life exciting!

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