How To Set Priorities In Life
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Having priorities in life is really important, the society that we live in these days, it is easy for us to lose sight of our priorities, that is why I am sharing with you tips on how to set priorities in life.

When we think about what we want in life, what exactly comes to our mind? Is it traveling the world? Is it being the richest person on earth? I know a lot of people want to be the richest person, whatever it is you decide you want in life depends on how you get your priorities in order.

I know how this can be hard because of the world we live in at the moment everything is so fast-paced, so uncertain, we never know what is going to hit us in the next two minutes or tomorrow, we all keep up with all the changes that keep happening and in keeping up we lose sight of most of our priorities.

Every once in a while we need to ask ourselves why we are doing what we doing because if we lose sight of the “why” then we lose sight of everything else that why it is very important to get your priorities in order.

Importance of Priorities in Life

  • Having priorities helps reduce stress
  • It gives purpose
  • It increase your productivity level
  • It brings opportunities your way
  • It helps you save time
  • It gives you that motivation you need to get up every morning to work.

Top Things You Should Prioritize

  1. Your Mission in life (career)
  2. Your health both physical and emotional
  3. Your family & friends
  4. Self-improvement /self care
  5. Healthy Relationship
  6. Finances

How to Set Priorities in Life

Think about what is Most Important to You 

Number one tip on how to set priorities in life is to think about what is most important to you, Think deep and hard about what makes you happy, what values are important to you, what are your goals, what are your dreams, you can’t start something without having a vision of what you want to accomplish. So you need to figure out what it is you want

Create a plan that is Actionable

Number two tip on how to set priorities in life is to create a plan that is actionable after thinking about what your priorities are, you need to create a plan that is actionable, you can’t create a plan that you can’t be able to work on, you can jot down what your plans are and then you can create some actionable goals that you can create and be able to achieve them.

Always Write Out Your Tasks/Goals

Write down what your goals and tasks are going to be like, that way it will help you stay organized and focused, if you don’t write them down then you will be all over the place.

Create Time Slots for Your Tasks

This is very important, you need to create time slots for each task that you want to do, take me for example, there are a lot of things that I am doing for the moment but I have focused my time and energy on three things, blogging, podcast, and designing.

Now this is how I do it, during the weekdays, I focus my attention on blogging and designing, I do blogging in the morning from 8 am to 12noon I take a one hour break, and then I start working on designing from 1 pm to 6 pm

Then the rest of the day I just take it to resign and then on the weekends I work on my podcast, this work balance works for me. So you also need to create and find what works best for you.

Get Rid Of Distractions

Another tip on how to set priorities in life is to get rid of distractions, I know this can be tough to do but you just have to do it, you can leave things that you know that will be of distractions to you off, switch off your phone, television or just leave the room.

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Reflect From Time To Time

Reflecting on what you have done and accomplished is very important, this way you get to look and reflect on how far you have come and what are steps you need to take forward going forward with your plans, you can also be able to celebrate your wins which is also very important. 

Be Honest With Yourself

On this journey of how to set priorities in life, you need to be honest with yourself throughout this journey because if you are not honest with yourself then getting other people to be honest with you is going to be hard.

if you are not honest with yourself on this journey then it won’t be worthwhile. So you need to tell yourself some hard truth on this journey.

Take Small Steps

You need to take this step by step so that you can be able to achieve your goals, if you take big steps you will end up feeling overwhelmed and not achieving anything, so go slow as possible and you will get the much-needed result.

Always know Priorities Change

This is very important, you need to know that as we grow older our priorities change and that’s ok, all we just have to do is create plans as our priorities change and adjust our goals accordingly.

Check In With Yourself

The last tip on how to set priorities in life and the most important tip on this list is to check in with yourself, this is very crucial because if you don’t like or have the passion for what you doing and you just keep doing it then it will be for nothing.

You will wake up every day and not have the motivation to work on your goals. So you need to check in with yourself along the way to see if you are still interested in your goals.

That is all the tips I have for you on how to set priorities in life, I hope this helps in making the right decision for yourself and your future.

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  1. Great topic! Setting priorities helps you focus on what’s important and it really makes life so much easier.

  2. This is really great advice! I especially love the part about realizing that priorities change over time and to check in with yourself along the way. So great! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think people, including myself, lose track of what’s important in life a lot of time. And that really is the driving factor for everything we do. But once we pass that hurtle, checking in needs to happen to keep things in check. Thanks for sharing

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