How to find your purpose in life
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If you are struggling with how to find your purpose in life then this post is for you, it can be difficult to know exactly what we want in our lives (expect God shows us) but not to worry much, I will be sharing some tips that will help you towards figuring out what your life purpose is.

Having a purpose in your life can be very helpful it will help give you a sense direction the things that you want to achieve so that you can be able to know the steps that you need to take and the goals you need to set. If one doesn’t have a life purpose they will just be wondering around, that’s why it is important to have purpose in your life.

How To Find Your Purpose

Explore Your Interests: The first tip on how to find your purpose in life is to explore your interests, this is very important when it comes to finding your purpose in life, look Into what you are interested in and what you are not.

write them down, this will help you clarify what your interest are. Look at what interest brings you nothing but happiness and which of your talent comforts you, which of your interests feels like a chore to you whenever you want to start working on. Figure those out and you have just taken the first step towards finding your purpose in life.

Follow Your Inner Voice: This is the second step on how to find your purpose in life which is to listen to your inner voice , this is important, follow what your heart tells, on one knows you better than you, so matter what you do or what you want to do, you have to follow your inner voice, your inner voice can help prevent some things if you listen to it.

Don’t Listen To Other People: Listening to other people’s advice can be the downfall of a lot of people, like I said no one knows you better than you, yes people will always give advice it’s what humans do but do not take everything to heart, take a little of the advice that you get (The ones that are good) and then apply it to your own.

Some people will follow other’s advice to the latter and if something goes wrong then there is no one to blame but yourself if the person that gave you the advice will blame you for it or deny the advice they gave.

Step Outside Of Your Zone: Tip number four on how to find your purpose in life is to step outside your zone, what this means is that you should step out of your comfort zone, you can check out my post on how to step out of your comfort zone, the post will help you step out of your comfort zone.

I can’t tell you guys how many of my comfort zone I have stepped out of this year alone (and I have a lot of comfort zones) but it has opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn’t even believe I would could do it, so try your best to step out of your comfort zone, it will help you discover what your purpose in life is.

Define Your Own Version Of Success: Step number five on how to find your purpose in life is to define your own version of success, everyone has their own version of success, some believe that being successful means you have to have a whole lot of money, some believe success means how many people they have helped in life. So write out what your version of success and you can take it from there.

Take Action: The last tip on how to find your purpose in life is to take action every day, the more goals you set the more action you will take and the more action you take the closer you get to your dreams.

Alright guys that is all the tips I have for you on how to find your purpose in life, I hope this post will be helpful to you guys and help you discover what your life purpose is.

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  1. Love these ideas. Particularly about listening to yourself and not other people. It’s easy to define our lives or purpose in relation to other people’s expectations. But there’s no point in being guided by others, we’ll only look back on our achievements with regret if they’re not what we actually wanted. The wrong purpose won’t fit us well either! But I also like the idea of pushing ourselves outside our comfort zone too! We only know what we enjoy based on current life experience. When we step outside our zone we may be surprised what new interests we discover which can help reinvigorate or redefine our purpose

  2. Stepping outside your comfort zone – that tip is the hardest one for me to implement but probably leads to the best results. I will have to read your post on how to step outside the comfort zone next. Thanks for the great article!

  3. All of these steps are so important and I’ve said a lot of these myself. I think everyone deserves it to themselves to find their purpose and passion. Thank you for sharing these tips!

  4. Fantastic post! I have been reevaluating my purpose in life lately as it looks like I need to make a career change. Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action are SO important. Thanks!

  5. I’m so happy I read this article because I always tell myself how important it is to really find what I wanna do in life but I’m not doing it. With these tips I know I’m gonna find some sort of peace within myself and find something that will make me say this is my purpose.

  6. Love this! Especially stepping out of your comfort zone I feel like can be huge, uncomfortable but like you said eye changing 🧡

  7. Stepping out of my comfort zone is definitely something I’ve been pushing myself to do. I’ve spent most of my life hiding from great opportunities out of fear of rejection and being judged, but as I’ve gotten older and a little wiser I’ve realized that I can’t just hide in my little safe spot forever if I really want to experience all that life has to offer. Thank you for posting!

  8. All great. I think I like #5 a lot today. Setting your own definition of success is, apart from being a great mind opener, the key to many of the other steps. It is easier to step outside of your comfort zone for example, if you have already set the success level. Comfort zones vary of course. What I or you or the next reader would find comfortable will vary.

  9. Great tips! I love the one on defining your own success. I think we get caught up in what other’s definition of success is and if we don’t achieve that, then we fail.

  10. Rip number four was the best to me. I believe finding your purpose means you have to do things you only dream of but never imagined doing.

  11. The tip about being your own measure of success is such an important one. It took me years to recognise this! As someone who has mental health challenges, I always seemed to be doing worse and behind everyone else, but that was an unfair and impossible measure. I began to realise that no yard stick except my own had any true value. Once I saw this, l also saw how incredibly well l was doing, to not only succeed in study and work, but to do that whilst managing mental health, what an absolutely incredible achievement that is!

    Love your tips about finding purpose too. That can often be hard, especially during low times. But purpose can be flexible to fit our needs. On a bad day for me, my purpose is to treat myself well and do what i can. On good days, its larger goals. I think flexibility is so vital in all these measures. Thanks for a very thoughtful read!

  12. Very good tips. Quite often we silence that inner voice and so it is good to listen and to perhaps make note of how we feel in certain situations when that inner voice is at its loudest. I like that idea of creating your own version of success as we are so often living up to other persons ideals as to what the best version of our lives should be!

  13. I love this post. It’s my mission to help mums find their purpose to move away from being so frazzled. I love how simply you’ve put some of these main steps towards finding yourself again, especially not listening to what others think you should be doing!

  14. Great points! My biggest problem is listening to other people’s opinions…. that’s because I’m too scared to listen to my own. Something I’ve been working on. Thanks for this.

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