How To Stay Focused on goals
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In today’s post, I will be sharing how to stay focused on goals, so get a note book and pen and let’s get started.

Setting a goal can be hard, getting started on goal setting here is how to set goals, achieving the goal can be a bit harder. When you set your goals in the beginning there will be a lot of motivation for you to achieve your goals but as time goes on that motivation will start to fade away, you get stuck, overwhelmed and you start feeling frustrated (trust me I have been there and sometimes it still happens ) sometimes you will get distracted because you have so much going on.

Life happens and distracts us from what is important and there is nothing that anyone can do about it, that’s why staying focused on your goals is not only important it’s very very necessary and like I always say, this are just tips that I have been trying out and it has been working for me that’s why I decided to share it with you guys, also if you don’t put in the hard work, you won’t see any result.

How to stay focused on goals
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How To Stay Focused On Goals

Stop Multitasking: Tip number one on how to stay focused on goals is to stop multitasking, honestly I am guilty of this, whenever I start working on something within the next few days that follows, I will already be looking for another project to start and once I started working on that project then the circle starts again,

it wasn’t until I sat myself down and ask myself why would I start on this projects and never finished them, I then realized I was always tasking myself with a new task because I always felt I could do everything but the process, I never achieved anything. So you need to prioritize your tasks which is more important than the others.

Write and Visualize Your Goals: Another tip on how to stay focused on goals is to write and visualize your goals, when you write down your goals then you will know which actions you can take, what I mean by visualize your goals is to create a scenario of how you are doing to achieve your goals, visualize the steps you are going to take.

I find that this usually helps me clarify what steps I am going to take towards my goals and also helps me visualize what things will look like after I have achieved my goal.

Write a Statement: Another step on how to stay focused on goals is to write a statement, what I mean by this is have a motto, every company has it, some people have it, so why shouldn’t you? I have my motto and it has given me motivation to move forward with my goals, so write down what you plan to achieve with your goal, why are you doing your goal? With this I am sure you will get your motto.

Create a Milestone: Tip number four on how to stay focused on goals is to create a milestone for every goal that you create, what are you going to achieve for the day, week or even the month, set milestone for your goals.

Create a Step By Step Plan: Another tip on how to stay focused on goals is to create a step by step plan that you will take to achieve your goals, what is the process of your goals? What are your future plan for your goal? Ask yourself those questions and then write out your action plan.

Analyze Your Progress: This tip on how to stay focused on goals will require you to take a step back and analyze what you have done, how far you have come to achieve your goals and how much more you have to do to reach your goals.

Get Motivational Quotes: To stay focused on your goals, you need to get motivational quotes that will help you stay focused and motivate you to achieve your goals.

That is all the tips I have for you on how to stay focused on goals, so that you can be able to achieve them.

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  1. Write things down is such a big one for me. If it’s only in my head, there is a very high chance that I’ll never get around to doing it!

    Also, multi-tasking. Damn! I used to write so proudly in my resume that I am really good at multi-tasking, but I’ve realised that when I am multi-tasking, I am not really being good at any single thing individually. So I am learning to focus on just one thing at a time.

    – Shirsha ||

  2. I agree, so important to write things down. My blog is all about my bucket list and one of the things I always stick to is that you have to write your list down, otherwise it will pass you by. I do love a motivational quote to give me a little boost now and then. I often see one and shout ‘yasss! Let’s do this!’ so they definitely help!

  3. These are great tips! I definitely might try writing a statement for my goals. Motivational quotes are also so helpful!

  4. There are some great tips here! Visualising my goals definitely is the best thing that helps me – I’ve started making vision boards (physical ones, laptop wallpapers, and Pinterest boards) so that I constantly see it and feel inspired x

  5. I am the worse at multitasking and losing focus. I didn’t even realize I was doing it until I read this. Thank you for your thoughts.

  6. This is really helpful. I always try to multitask and just end up flustered. I’m going to try setting milestones, hopefully will keep me motivated for my bigger goals that take longer. Thanks for sharing 🥰

  7. This is great. I’ve always been better at goal setting and not actually achieving them.
    Stopping multitasking and creating a step by step plan have been the most helpful for me.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think my biggest flaw in staying motivated is that I don’t actually write my goals down, I just store them in my brain and hope that I can keep them at the forefront of my mind, but that doesn’t always work out haha. I really need to try and actually write them down and stick them somewhere I can see them everyday to help me stay focused. And I agree about the multitasking, I’m guilty of that as well and I think it ends up pulling me farther away from my goals rather than closer towards them. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Reading motivational quotes is my favorite way to stay motivated! I have a calendar of positive affirmations and every morning I read the quote of the day following think about how I relate to it. I save the ones that I can relate to too.

  10. I’m always struggling to excel in one thing because of my constant desire to start something new before I’m finished with the first, using the written milestones is something I can definitely see helping me to stick to one goal at a time, thanks for the tips!!

  11. Multitasking is definitely something I’m guilty of! I end up having about 10 blog posts on the go at once because I get too excited by the next idea that comes along – what’s helped though is having a blog schedule so that I know exactly when I need particular posts finished by 🙂

  12. Great post, I often read self-help books, so this post was really interesting to me.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Creating a milestone is something I sometimes neglect, it is good to set deadlines to create a clear focus.
    Thanks for sharing. x

      1. That was very inspiring and thoughtful. Thank you for sharing this. Staying focused on our goals is the first step to achieving them. Keep going

  13. i wholeheartedly agree with visualizing your goals. I find for me personally i have so many ideas that i want to act on… but the ones that i end up actually working on are always those ones which i break down what i need to do to work towards that goal.

  14. Writing a statement helps me. It’s just staying focused on it and not forgetting, but putting it in a very noticeable place makes for a good reminder.

  15. Thank you for these important reminders! I’m very guilty of multitasking – I suffer from shiny object syndrome sometimes and my attention will jump from project to project. Thanks for these tips for staying on task so I can crush my goals!!

  16. I’m currently working on a post about my to do list. I’m going to share some information from your post with my readers. The things you suggested are really important! Thanks!

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