How To develop self belief
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Some people believe that we are not born with this strong belief in oneself but that is not how it is, that is why I will be sharing with you how to develop self belief in yourself. Self-belief can be developed and be rebuilt if you lose that belief in yourself.

Self Belief Definition

Self Belief is having confidence in your ability to complete tasks or in achieving your goals, for example, if you want to start on a project and you keep telling yourself that you can achieve success with the project then you will achieve success with it.

Why Is It Important

Self Belief has to do with one believing in their skills, values, abilities, it also affects your lifestyle choices which is why it is very important. People that don’t have self belief will always downplay their own abilities and settle for less than they deserve, Most times they take whatever life throws at them because they believe that they don’t deserve more in life.

On the other hand, people who have self belief in themselves have confidence in their values, skills, and also their abilities, these type of people always go the extra mile to achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.

Reasons Why People Lack Self Belief

In this post on how to develop self belief. I have shared with you what is self belief? Why is it important? and now I will be sharing with you reasons why people lack self belief. Like I said before no one is born without self belief, It is just some certain circumstances and situations can have a negative impact on their self-esteem either temporarily or long term. To have self belief in yourself you need to go back and look at your past.

Coming From An Unhappy Home: One of the reasons why people lack self belief is that they come from an unhappy home and that definitely will have a negative impact on their self belief if a child grows up with parents who always talk down on their child instead of encouraging their child then the child will have issues with their self-esteem.

Having Negative People In Your Life: Another reason is that you are surrounded by people who always discourage you from doing your thing and will always make you feel like you are not good enough sometimes they may even make you do things that you are not comfortable with and if you refuse they may make you feel like the odd one out so in other for you to fit in you will do things that will make you abandon your values.

Traumatic Experience: Having been physically and emotionally abused can after your self belief if you have been in a relationship where your partner made you feel like you are not attractive enough for them that will make you feel like you are not good enough for anyone which will, in turn, affect your self belief.

Making Bad Decisions: This is another reason why people lack self belief, if one made a bad decision in the past and the consequences of that decision not only affects the person but also people close to them then this will lead to the person having doubts about their decisions if you want to get rid of self-doubt, here is a post on how to stop having self-doubt.

Always Having Negative Thoughts: If you are always thinking of the negative aspect of your life and also of you then chances are you’ll lose your self-confidence, all that negative energy will have an impact on your life.

How To Develop Self Belief

There a lot of reasons why people lack self belief, let me share the tips on how to develop self belief, I just want to let you know that these are just tips that I am sharing with you that will not take effect if you are not consistent with it.

Know Who You Are & Who You Want To Be

The number one tip on how to develop self-belief is to know who you are and who you want to be, when self-doubt and self-pity start to eat at you ask yourself these questions, who am I? what do I want to achieve? why do I always doubt myself? If you want more of these questions here are self discovery questions to ask yourself.


Affirmation is a strong tool that can help reaffirm your belief in yourself, it can help you create that positive position that you see yourself, for example, if you want to be the CEO of a company in the future, you have to behave like one, it also helps you see your own self-worth. If You are looking where to get affirmation quotes, you can check Pinterest

Confront Your Fears

Tip number three on how to develop self belief is to confront your fears, if you want to get to where envision yourself in the future, you will need to face your fears.

Stop Over Criticizing Yourself

Another tip on how to develop self belief is to stop over criticizing yourself, you can’t get your confidence back if you keep over criticizing yourself.

Practice Self Care

You need to learn how to practice self-care, practicing self-care will help you love yourself more, learn to put yourself first above anything else.

Cut Off Negative People

The second to the last tip on how to develop self belief in yourself, this tip is super important you have to cut off any communications with people who are always putting you down, people who always make you feel unworthy or not good enough.

Be Ready To Win

The last tip on how to develop self belief is to be ready to win, always set you to think positively towards anything that you want to do both in your personal life and your professional life.

That is all the tips I have for you on how to develop self belief, remember that if you are not consistent with this tip I shared with you, you won’t see results.

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  1. Such important points you have raised here, we all need to take care of ourselves first! And start being positive with ourselves x

  2. Such an interesting post. I, like everyone, suffer with lack of self belief. I’ve had jobs that have made my imposter syndrome soar and others that have made me feel incredible. I know I am capable and I love your coping skills! They will really come in handy for me!


  3. This is such an important post! Self-belief can help us achieve far more than we could possibly imagine. I think your tips are awesome. Thanks Nike!

    Taiwo |

  4. Self belief impacts so many areas of our lives, whether we have strong or low self belief will determine many of the decisions we make. This was a great post. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. I loved reading this, self belief is something that develops over time and I love how you said about confronting your fears and cutting out the negative people in our lives, it’s something that needs to be done so we do get that self belief x

    Lucy |

  6. Loved how you put in detail the possible causes why people lack self belief as well as the call of action you included to manage it. Good post! Knowing who you are and stop over criticizing yourself are my favorite tips! Sometimes we’re too mean with ourselves.

  7. Fantastic post. I loved every moment of it. Thank you so much for sharing and good luck on your continued self-love journey.

  8. Such an important topic that I feel very close! Self-belief impacts us so much on a daily basis and as you recommended, we all should stop self-criticising! Thanks for sharing all these tips 🙂

  9. This is a really interesting post. I think we can be our own worst enemy and be so hard on ourselves at times. You’ve included some really useful tips. Affirmations definitely work. I used to find them silly but now its part of my routine and it definitely improves my mindset.

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