Places to go on a date in lagos
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Lagos is a bustling city and it can be hard to find a decent place in Lagos to go on a date so here is a list of places to go on a date in Lagos and these places are cheap places to go on a date in Lagos, Nigeria because I know going to places/ restaurants can be quite expensive.

Most people want to make a really good first impression on a date especially if it is a first date so without wasting any more time let’s get into it.

Places To Go On A Date In Lagos

places to go on a date in lagos
Freedom Park

Freedom Park: The first place on our list of places to go on a date in Lagos is freedom park, this place is a historical landmark, it was in 2010 to commemorate Nigeria’s 50th independence, it was born out of the ruins of broad street prison, it is located at 1 hospital road, old priston ground, broad street, Lagos Island. Freedom Park is also a cultural center, it has various things that people might be interested in like art, culture, and history, if you like afrobeat then this place is for you., there has been a lot of afrobeat concert that has taken place in the park.

places to go on a date in lagos
Sweet kiwi

Sweet Kiwi: For waffle and yogurt lovers, this place is the spot for you, it is located at admiralty way, lekki phase 1, Lagos, it is a place where couples can go and have a brunch date. Their yogurts are visually appealing and amazingly tasty (it is really good).

places to go on a date in lagos
Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay: This beach is a hot spot for a lot of people, it is located near the Lagos harbor, it can only be accessed by boat, this beach is a romantic spot for couples, there are a lot of outdoor activities like horseback riding, speedboat, playing volleyball, beach soccer. The entry fee is 200-300 naira.

Places to go on a date in lagos
Lekki Leisure Lake

Lekki Leisure Lake: This lake is located in the heart of lekki peninsula, it is a private beach resort, it offers different activities such as pedal boats, water bicycle, boat ride, jet ski, quad bike rides, and pontoon boats, this resort is a perfect place for a date and to have fun, it is located at plot 3, okunda blue water tourism, the entry fee for 1000-1500naira.

places to go to on a date in lagos
Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe: The number five place on our list of places to go on a date in Lagos is hard rock cafe, this cafe is good for couples who want to have an evening getaway, you get to enjoy live music and also amazing food, the cafe is located at plot 3&4, block xvl, oniru estate, victoria island near landmark center.

Places to go on a date in lagos
Ember Creek

Ember Creek Waterfront: This place is a bar/restaurant located at 32 Awolowo road ikoyi, Lagos, the cool thing about this place is that during the day, it is a restaurant which has a resort feel to it during the day, which is a great place for couples to hang out and at night, it turns into a lively night club.

places to go to on a date in lagos
Bogobiri House

Bogobiri House: It is located at 92 martam sule st, Lagos, Nigeria, it is African themed with furniture, painting, artifact, and decor, if you and your partner are art lovers then this place is for you. Bogobiri house offers different types of local Nigerian delicacies.

Places to go to on a date in lagos, lekki conservation centre
Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre: The number eight place on our list of places to go on a date in Lagos is lekki conservation centre, it is located at 19 lekki epe expressway lekki peninsula, lekki, Nigeria. This place is known for its adventurous side, you can also watch the wildlife in action, they have monkeys, crocodiles, and various bird in their habitat.

Places to go on a date in lagos
Cafe Neo

Cafe Neo: This is a coffee spot which is perfect for a date, they have different outlets in Lagos but the popular ones are located at E-centre yaba and the one located at Sanusi fafunwa street, victoria island. They have a variety of coffee and drinks and also pastry.

Debonairs Pizza: The number ten place on our list of places to go on a date in Lagos is debonairs pizza, this place is a perfect place for pizza lovers, this place offers you and your date a place to have an intimate conversation. They have really good pizza and pastries, it is located at Victoria arobieke st, lekki phase I, Lagos.

Places to go on a date in lagos

Terra Kulture: It was founded in 2003 by Austen Peters, it is one of the establishment that caters to artistic and recreational fantasies that you can have, Their restaurant has a variety of African and international dishes, they have an art gallery, a bookstore, a library (for the book lovers), a language school, and a theatre where stage plays on Wednesday and Sunday.

Places to go on a date in lagos
Terra Kulture

That is all for this list of places to go on a date in Lagos and if you are looking for conversation starters, here are questions you can ask on a date I hope this list was really helpful for you.

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  1. Some of the places like Lekki Leisure Lake, Terra Kulture, and Ember Creek Waterfront really look nice, which I’d love to visit some day.

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