Fun Halloween Date Ideas
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Halloween is just around the corner, do you have your Halloween date night planned? Do you have Halloween date ideas that you and your partner have been considering but don’t know if you want to go with it, Well if you can’t answer the question then I have got you, I will been sharing Halloween date ideas that you and your partner can try out during Halloween, these date ideas are super fun and unique so you and your will definitely have fun try them out, So without wasting anymore time let’s get into it.

Halloween Date Ideas

Fun Halloween Date Ideas

Bake Different Halloween Dessert: The first date idea on our list of Halloween date ideas is to bake different Halloween desserts, you can make different dessert from ghost cakes to ghost shaped cookies, if you don’t know what recipes to use it even how to make them, you can check out Pinterest which has a lot of recipes on there, you can also turn this into a little competition on which person dessert is the best, there is nothing wrong with a little competition to spice things up.

Pumpkin Carving: You and your partner can carve your pumpkins together, it will be a fun activity for you guys.

Outdoor Scary Movie Marathon: Halloween is all about being scared and what better way to get scared than for you to have a scary movie marathon outside, like I said in fall date ideas, if you have a backyard you can have your scary movie marathon, all you need is a white sheet, a projector some chairs and blankets and warm drinks and foods and you are good to go.

Go For A Drive: You and your partner can go for an evening drive and check what is going on in town and stare at some really scary houses.

Pretend Bartender: Date idea number five on Halloween date ideas is to pretend bartender, with everything that is going on with covid, one needs to take precautions and that means you and your partner can stay home instead of going to the bar, you can play pretend bartender at home, make each other’s favorite drink.

Video Game Competition: Calling all the video game lovers who are a couple these date idea is for you, you and your partner can have a video game competition during Halloween and if you or your partner don’t know how to play video games you can teach each other or just make sure of how each of you plays, all in all just have fun with it.

Make a Scare Crow: Another date idea on these list of Halloween date ideas is to make a scare crow, there is a love and hate relationship with with scare crows some people love it and some don’t because it can be scary at night (I am one of them) anyways you and your partner can make a scare crow together and if you don’t know how to make one just check out Pinterest, there are some scare crow DIYs on there.

Stargazing: Stargazing is super romantic, all you have to do is put some blankets on the floor and stare at the stars (which are super amazing) so have a romantic evening by stargazing and don’t forget to take some warm blankets and also warm drinks.

Blanket Fort: Date Idea number nine on these list of Halloween date ideas is to build a blanket fort, you can build a blanket fort that you and your partner can have cocoon each other in.

Fall Photoshop: You and your partner can have a fall Photoshop or a Halloween Photoshop, bring out your playful side and have some with the photoshoot, you can either use your phone to take the pictures or you can hire a photographer to the the pictures but remember to practice social distancing.

Plan Your Halloween Costume Together: Date Idea number eleven on our Halloween date ideas list is to plan your Halloween costume together, you guys can decide to wear the same outfits or something similar, you can even make each other’s outfits, you can go to Pinterest for ideas.

Rent a Cabin: You and your partner can have some alone time with each other in a secluded cabin, you can have the scary touch by looking for some really scary looking cabin.

Decorate Your House Like a Haunted House: You and your partner can have some fun decorating your house like a haunted house.

Indoor Halloween Themed Party: Another date idea on this list of Halloween date ideas is to have an indoor Halloween themed party which is going to be a virtual one because of the pandemic, try as much to make it as fun as possible.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt: The last date idea on this list of Halloween date ideas is to have a Halloween scavenger hunt, you can have a scavenger hunt, you can look for Halloween scavenger hunt on Pinterest, there are loads of ideas on there.

That is all the date ideas I have for you on Halloween date ideas that you can try out this Halloween. I hope you enjoy it and just have fun.

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  1. These are all really good ideas. My favorite is stargazing, but we are too close to the city to see many here. Time to escape to the desert I guess!

  2. Love these ideas! I’d love to book a cabin for a weekend getaway in the mountains! These ideas are not only great for halloween but for all season too!

  3. My husband and I have actually been looking at a little cabin not too far from our house for later in the season. We are still camping at this point (we’ll be camping in a tent this weekend), but he’s not too keen on the idea of winter camping in the snow. The cabin is dog-friendly, which means we can bring our pups and go enjoy ourselves.

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