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valentines day date ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day that we should our loved ones how much we love them and Valentine’s day is just around the corner and if you don’t know what you and your partner what to do for the day then I have got you, here are some Valentine’s day date ideas.

Chocolate Tasting and Truffles Making: Instead of going out to buy chocolate, you and your partner can make chocolate together, all you have to do is get the ingredients and start making it and have fun.

Watch The Sunrise and Sunset: It’s Valentine’s Day and nothing screams romantic than watching the sunrise and the sunset, you and your partner can wake early up with a cup of coffee to watch the sunrise and then later in the evening you can watch the sunset together.

Romantic Dinner at Home: You can have a romantic dinner with your partner, to make it even more romantic, you can watch the sunset while having dinner.

Couple Spa Date: You and your partner can have a relaxed day at the spa together, just treat yourselves to a massage.

Recreate Your First Date: Nothing speaks volume than recreating one’s first date on Valentine’s Day, it will bring back memories, you can do the things you did with your partner on your first date that made you guys fall in love with each other.

Romantic Getaway: You can organize a surprise romantic getaway in the mountains or anywhere you want for your partner.

Go on Shopping Spree Together: You and your partner can go on a shopping spree together, this can, of course, will be an advantage to the ladies because can get your partner to finally buy you that dress that you have always wanted to get but don’t forget to get him something too.

Hit The Club: If you and your partner haven’t been to a club in a while then take valentine’s day as an excuse to go to a club with your partner and just enjoy yourselves.

Have Fun at a Karaoke: You and Your partner can hit up a karaoke bar on valentine’s day and show off your talent and battle it out with your partner.

Take A Tour of a Winery: If you and your partner have not been to a winery before take this opportunity and visit one, you get to enjoy yourselves and drink some wine while having fun.

Indoor Picnic: On valentine’s day, the weather might not be favorable for an outdoor picnic but you can definitely have an indoor picnic which by the way is very romantic, you have candles and wine and some music.

Netflix Binge Watch: If you and your Significant other decides to stay indoors for val’s day then you might want to consider binge watching some Netflix romantic movies or a movie that you and your partner like.

Paint Together: If you and your partner are the art type then you guys can paint together, create something that will make the both of you happy.

Head to the Movies: If there is a movie coming out on val’s day then you and your partner can go check it out but don’t forget to get there early before the theater becomes full.

Make a Couples Scrapbook: Create memories that you and your partner can cherish forever by making a couple’s scrapbook and giving it to each other on valentine’s day.

Write Love Letters to Each Other: To make this Valentine’s day more fun & unique, you and your partner can write love letters to each other, you can start in the morning a with note to each other and then when you get to work, you can send love letter via email to your partner, if that isn’t romantic i don’t know what is.

I hope you guys liked my post and i hope you and your partner enjoy your valentine’s day and don’t forget to have fun

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  1. Great post, I think I’m going to recreate our first date. I have the outfit and everything lol he likes to see if every once in a while lol

  2. Recreating my first date with my husband sounds adorable- but I might have to wait until our summer wedding anniversary. Right now walking around a frozen lake doesn’t seem as romantic when it is -5 outside. 😉 I loved your suggestions!

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