13 Signs he is madly in love with you
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want to know if he loves you? here are signs he is madly in love with you, these tips will help you determine if he loves you or not.

I know you must be wondering how do I know if he’s madly in love with me?  Finding out if your boyfriend loves you or not can be so challenging because guys can be so secretive and that can be frustrating for us ladies at times. After all, love is not something that should be sacrificed on the altar of compromise. If it’s not true love, then it’s time for you to move on.

Signs He is Madly In Love With You

  1. He introduces you to his friends: Guys can be secretive about who they are dating and they are in love with, so when he introduces you to his friends and shows you off then he is truly and madly in love with you.
  2. He Gets Jealous: Guys rarely gets jealous unlike we ladies but if a guy gets jealous and he shows that he is jealous then honey you better keep him because he loves you.
  3. He Doesn’t Get Easily Annoyed with You: If your boyfriend doesn’t get easily annoyed with you over little matters then he loves you.
  4. He Remembers Important Dates: If your boyfriend remembers important dates like the date of the day you first met and date of the day you had your first date and first kiss then that means he is truly in love with you and girl you better keep him.
  5. He Defends You: If a guy that you dating defends you in public or let’s take, for example, you are dating a guy and his friends are against you guys dating but then goes out of the way to defend you in front of his friends then you know he truly loves you.
  6. He Opens to You: The only person that a guy opens up to are his mom and best friends but if he opens up to you and tells you his secrets, his goals and ambitions then girl you have got to know he not only trusts you but he loves you.
  7. He tries to fit in with your friends: If the guy that you are dating tries to fit in with your friends like hanging out with you and your friends then he loves you.
  8. He always keeps You Informed without You Asking: If your boyfriend always tells you everything without you having to ask then he loves you.
  9. He Admits He is Wrong: It can be hard for guys to admit that they are wrong but when they admit it, they always mean it then you know that he loves you.
  10. He drops Everything for You: If you call him and tell him you need his attention and he just comes rushing in then you will know he is in love with you.
  11. He Values Your Opinion: If your boyfriend seeks your opinion on important matters and also on little matters, trust he is in with you.
  12. He Notices things about you that Nobody else Does Not: If your boyfriend notices things that about you like the what your eyes light up when you listen to your favorite song or the way you sit among other things.
  13. He Supports Your Goals & Ambitions: If your boyfriend supports your goals and ambitions and he is always cheering you on when you win and encourages you when you lose he loves you more than anything.

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  1. This is a great list! I especially like the last point: he supports your goals and ambitions. That’s a true partner.

  2. This is very sweet! I knew my husband was the ONE because he would try to work things out once I was ready to call it quits. That’s happened a few times in our marriage, which is one of the reasons we’ve been married for nearly 31 years. Thanks for sharing an awesome post.

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