How To Move On From A Broken Heart
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Breakups are never easy even when you are the one doing the dumping or you are the one being dumped, it will just be devastating to both parties. But guess what? There are some tips on how to fix a broken heart to help you on this journey to self-discovery and inner strength.

Breakups can be really hard especially if you have been in that relationship for a long period of time. Even worse when you’ve put all your effort and time to make the relationship work out only to be dumped. That’s just plain painful!

Breakups have been known to be a painful process. No one wants to go through that emotional meltdown/stress and most times it’s rather for the best, unless you are lucky enough to find your soul mate early in life or if you and your ex parted ways on good terms, then both of you can remain friends without any strings attached

1. Steer Clear of Your Ex

How to fix a broken heart

The tip on how to fix a broken heart is steering clear of your Ex, After a breakup, you don’t want anything that has to do with your ex, even memories of the time you spent together. Do you want to delete it from your memory? Well, you can. Wouldn’t you ask me how? (I will tell you anyway), first thing to do is to delete the pictures of your ex, trash them and any of their belongings out of your life because holding on to mementos will bring on feelings and you don’t want that.

Furthermore, you need to block and unfollow your ex on all social media platforms. It is very important because if your ex has moved on and starts posting pictures of his/her new love interest, it’s going to affect you mentally which will trigger jealousy, insecurities and so on. Some people prefer being friends with their ex but with no strings attached and respecting each other’s privacy and it works for them and for some it doesn’t work.

2. Talk about it

How to fix a broken heart

Most people don’t want to talk about their breakups or what they are going through. They believe holding on to it might help but it doesn’t work, why? Because the more you hold on to that pain the more you get hurt, talk about it with family and friends or anyone who would listen to you. Talking about your feelings will help you in the long run because talking helps you heal.

Also talk to someone who has been through what you are going through. It will help you heal a lot faster because the person will help you through the difficult time with your grief and your feelings.

3. Focus on Yourself

How to fix a broken heart

On this journey of healing, just because you are depressed or angry that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. You need to focus on yourself and prove that you can survive without your ex. In doing that, you should put a lot of energy into yourself, do things that make you happy, go shopping, give yourself a makeover, change your wardrobe, feel alright, and work on yourself.

Anything that will make you happy, that will make you feel good about yourself that will put a smile on your face, that will bring out the best in you, let people know that a break up is not the end of your world and that it’s just the beginning of good things will soon take place in your life.

4. Get involved with Extra Curricular Activities

How To Fix A Broken Heart

Getting involved in extra-curricular activities like joining a sport, applying for a gym session, it works especially after a break up, I can testify to that, I went through a terrible break up and I went through the usual crying and mopping around until I woke up one day and decided to stop crying and do something for myself so i joined a sport and I can tell you it worked out well for me, Exercising is a good way to vent your frustration and pain, it releases endorphins.

You too can get involved with extra-curricular activities, Regular moderate exercise can help you fight off anxiety and depression, don’t exercise for yourself, exercise because it is good for your body and your mind. I am not saying you should join a sport because it worked for me, do whatever works for you.

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5. Have Fun

How to fix a broken heart

Instead of sitting at home idle and drowning in your own emotional wreck, why not surround yourself with smiling faces and good vibes.You don’t have any excuse so get into action and pick up your phone, call your friends and go out to enjoy yourself. Go out on Friday night or any other night, it can be really fun for that matter because it takes your mind off a lot things, plus you get to meet new people and you never know you might meet that special someone.

6. Music

How To Fix A Broken Heart

Music is always the best therapy for anything whether you are feeling happy or heartbroken or just plain sad, music really lift people’s mood especially sad songs, I don’t know about other people but Rnb songs has always been able to lift my mood whenever am depressed. I always like to say “music is the voice of our emotions”, if you can write a song or poems where you can put all your emotions into it, it will really helps and it will take a huge chunk of your emotions or if you can’t write a song then listen to it and trust me it will help you a lot.

7. Go on an Adventure

How To Move On From A Broken Heart

The last but not the least on this list of how to fix a broken heart is going on an adventure, that bucket list that you have been dying to do before the break up do it or the places you and your ex had been planning to visit before the break up don’t cancel it, turn it into your own little adventure and explore something new and take the time to reinvent yourself.

I know dealing with a breakup is not easy, I have been there and so have a lot of people,i know how it feels especially if it was your first relationship.

The pain can be unbearable but trust me the pain will go away, it will take some time but it will surely pass.

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