Fall Date Ideas
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Fall is in the air and I have got for you fall date ideas that you and your partner can do this fall, as we all know fall is when the leaves start to change (they dry up and turn brown) and the smell in the air changes, fall is also when people start to bring out the freak in them (I meant Halloween)

So If you are wondering what you and your partner will do for your date during this pandemic then not to worry too much, I have got you covered, I have for you different fall date ideas that you can try out at home and you can also try outside of your home which will require minimal contact with people, so without wasting anymore time let’s begin.

20 Fall Date Ideas

Watch a Football Game: The first date idea on these list on fall date ideas is to watch a football game, if you and your partner love football game then this is the perfect date idea for you, since premier league and all the other leagues have started, you can cozy it up in front of the TV and enjoy yourselves.

Carve Up Some Pumpkin: Nothing screams fall than having some pumpkins around you, this way you and your partner can spend some time together and get to carve up pumpkins (which are super fun) but please be careful with the knife when carving up those pumpkins.

Have Scary Movie Marathon: Fall is all about being scared (well sometimes) so you have got to watching scary movies with your partner, you can have a scary movie marathon in your living room or you can make use of your backyard (if you have one) and put a projector and have some popcorn to go with it.

Make Your Own Halloween Costume Together: You and your partner can brainstorm Halloween costumes that you want to wear after that you can. go on Pinterest and check out the different DIYs for Halloween costumes that you and your partner can make together.

Go For a Fall Hike: Number five date idea on these list of fall date ideas is to go for a fall hike, I know you must be wondering why I put it on the list when there are a lot of restrictions during this period, well when you go hiking you have minimal contact with people, it will just be you and your partner on the trail plus you get to go on your maybe last hiking before winter comes in.

Go Corn Picking: This is a very unique date idea, well apple picking is a very common date idea so I thought why not do corn picking, there is so much that you can do with corn so why not try it out.

Fall Date Ideas

Go For a Walk/Drive: Since fall is in the air you and your partner can go for a walk (with your masks on) and enjoy the beautiful view which is fall or you can do simply go for a drive.

Have a Fall Picnic: Date idea number eight on these fall date ideas is to have a fall picnic, these idea is two ways, you can either have a picnic in your backyard (If you have one) or you can go to a park and have your picnic don’t forget to take your face masks and pack some warm blankets and have some warm foods.

Make a Fall Dish: You and your partner can make a fall themed dish that you can enjoy either during the day or at night.

Have a Soup Challenge: Date Idea number ten on these list of fall date ideas comes with a challengr and the challenge is you and your partner can challenge each other to a soup competition. Competite with each other on whose soup is the best and decide on what the winner will get.

You can also check out my blog on: Christmas Date Ideas so that you can start planning your Christmas.

Host a Virtual Halloween Party: Since most everything these days is done virtually, why not have a virtual Halloween party that you and your partner can host, I know it will not be as fun as the physical one but you can make it as fun as you want it.

Rakes Leaves & Jump In The Pile: Number Twelve date idea on our list of fall date ideas is to rake up leaves and jump in the pile, I know you guys must be wondering if I have lost my mind, well I haven’t with everything that is going on in the world right now so we need to have fun from time to time and this is one of them, so rake the leaves and have fun jumping in the pile.

Make Hot Cider/ Hot Chocolate Bar: You and your partner can make hot cider or some hot chocolate bar and just enjoy yourselves, if you don’t know how to make either of them, you can go on Pinterest and look up how to make to make it.

Bake Some Fall Cookies: You and your partner can team up and bake yourselves some fall cookies or you can have competition on which one of you’s cookies is the best.

Attend a Fall Cooking Class: Date Idea number fifteen on our list of fall date ideas is to attend a fall cooking class, if you and your partner can’t cook then attending a fall cooking class is perfect for you guys, you can attend an online class or you can a physical class but remember to practice social distancing.

Have Cozy Afternoon With Your Partner Having Coffee or Hot Chocolate: Another date idea on this list of fall date ideas to have a cozy afternoon with your partner having coffee or hot chocolate.

Stargazing: This has got to be the most romantic thing on this list of fall date ideas, stargazing is super romantic, if you and your partner have a backyard, you can take a blanket and pit it on the floor and just sit and stare at the stars or if you have a truck you can make use of the back, make it comfortable by placing some blankets in it and just lay down and stare at the stars.

Ugly Sweaters Competition: You and your partner can have an ugly sweater competition, you can either go online and search for fall ugly sweaters or you can go to a thrift store and search for the ugliest sweater that you can find and make of fun of each other’s ugly sweater, of course the winner of the ugliest sweater gets something.

Have a Fall Photoshoot: This is the second to the last date idea on our list of fall date ideas which is to have a fall photoshoot which will definitely be amazing when it comes out, you don’t really need to hire a photographer, you can use your phone and of course don’t forget to have fun.

Corn Themed Date Night: The last date idea on our list of fall date ideas is to have corn themed date night, remember when I said you and your partner can go corn picking well you and your partner can have a corn themed date night by making dishes out of corn, here are some dishes you can make out of corn, Corn Casserole, Mexican Grilled corn, Creamed Corn bread, you can also make a dessert out of it which is Sweet corn pudding (they are really good) and corn cake. If you don’t know how to make any of it just go on Pinterest and look up the recipes.

That is all the date ideas I have for you on this list of fall date ideas, I hope you find these date ideas helpful and above all things you and your partner should just have fun with each other.

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  1. This is the cutest post – the other day, my friend and her boyfriend made some cute little pumpkin cookies x thanks for sharing!

  2. I love these! We always dress up together for Halloween and it is so much fun. I’m going to have to plan a fall baking class and jump in some leaves. We’re old, but our best dates are always when we are able to be silly together. Thanks for the post!

  3. These are some really cute ideas, I can’t wait to start doing some more autumnal dates with my boyfriend. Especially excited for looking for some nature walks around our local area. Thanks for sharing x

  4. These all sound like great date ideas! I have been looking for some new ideas my partner and I seem to do the same things on date nights so these will be a welcome change! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for saving my head, I was out of ideas to surprise my girlfriend but now it’s time to take her out.

  6. There are some great ideas here. I look forward to our annual tradition each autumn when my husband and I curl up with the pets and binge watch horror movies each evening. It’s something that we started when we first moved to this house nearly 4 years ago and it just kinda stuck lol

  7. I love this! I just told my husband we were going to have a “soup throwdown” and the kids and neighbors will be the judges in a blind taste test!

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