Romantic Spring Date Ideas

Spring date ideas
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Looking for spring date ideas for you and your partner to try this spring? I have got different cheap spring date ideas, I know that the situation of the world right now is different with everyone social distancing so this date idea has taken all that into consideration.

Winter is officially over and we are in spring now, the flowers are blossoming, this is the perfect time for you and your partner to get out and go on a date also enjoy the warm climate, you can also add these spring date night ideas to your spring bucket list, without wasting any more time let’s get into it.

Spring Date Ideas

  1. Take A Hike: The first date idea on our list of best spring date ideas is to take a hike, you get to social distance from others besides that you also get to enjoy nature with tons of butterflies and flowers. You can plan to do this every weekend if you are up for the task, just look for local hiking trails that are in your area
  2. Go-Wine Tasting: You and your partner can take a trip to the winery, going wine tasting can be really fun and romantic especially when the flowers are in bloom, and have a mini picnic to go with the wine.
  3. Go For Dog Walk: If you and your better half have a dog, you can go for a romantic walk with your dogs.
  4. Have A Romantic Picnic: This season is the perfect time to bring out your blanket, you can cook some romantic picnic food or you can simply order some food, then head to your favorite location to enjoy each other’s company and the sunshine.
  5. Binge Watch Some Netflix Movies/Series: Keep in mind that these are spring date ideas so you have to watch some spring-related themed movies/ series and since we are spending a lot of time indoors this is a perfect date night idea.
  6. See A Movie At A Drive-In: Since we are all practicing social distancing, this is one of the best date ideas, you get to enjoy yourselves in your car, don’t forget to pack some snacks and also some drinks. Just look for a drive-in movie theater near you, if you can’t find one in your area, you can just create one in your backyard.
  7. Plant Something Together: Since it is springtime you can plant something right and it might grow, this is multiple dates in one, you can choose to go to a nursery to pick something to grow together or you can decide to care for the plant.
  8. Visit A Flower Field: Flowers are in full bloom this time of the year, find a nearby flower field and have a romantic date with your better half, you can have a lovely walk and take some really cute photos.
  9. Have A Photoshoot: This is like the perfect time to have a photoshoot, the days are longer, you can take advantage of your environment and of each other if you can hire a professional photographer then go for it, if not you can just use your phone and a tripod.
  10. Paint Outdoors: The number ten date idea on our list of romantic spring date ideas is to paint outdoors, you can take a painting class together, and if you know how to paint then you can set up your own, get some canvases (cheap ones), some paint and easels and then look for a really nice location and set up your tools, you can also take some painting tutorials on YouTube.
  11. Take Advantage Of The Rain: You can take advantage of the rain and enjoy it, you can become kids again and play in the rain, build a mug slide, just have a good time.
  12. Go For a Walk in Nature: Another date idea on our list of springtime date ideas is to go for a walk in nature together, you can observe your environments like the flowers, the trees, birds, and butterflies. There are always beautiful things around us, we need to just slow down, notice it and take our time admiring it.
  13. Go Stargazing: This is one of the best spring date ideas and also a free one, you can just lay a blanket down and stare at the sky, you can also check out google sky for guides on the location where the stars are the brightest if you are lucky you can get to see a meteor shower.
  14. Make Ice Cream At Home: You and your partner can go shopping for ice cream ingredients don’t forget to wear your face mask and hand sanitizer, you can check Pinterest for different ice cream recipes.
  15. Spa Night: The last date idea on this list of spring date ideas is sap night, you and your better half can have a spa date night, set up your own spa, and have a lovely night.

That is all the spring date ideas I have for you, I hope you enjoy your date night and just have fun with your partner. You can also check out Easter date ideas, you can try out this date ideas on easter

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  1. Amber Page says:

    Some super cute ideas here, I dont have a dog but I love taking my boyfriends dog out on walks!

    Amber |

  2. Great ideas thanks for sharing

  3. These are awesome ideas and some of which are ones that my husband and I thoroughly enjoy. We already have plans to attend the season opening of our local drive-in theater and we can’t wait to do some winery tours and picnics!

  4. These are all great ideas! I would love to have a chance to go stargazing or visit a flower field! Thank you for sharing x

  5. So many lovely ideas, I love the season of spring! I especially love the idea of a picnic and going wine tasting xx

  6. These are great ideas! I always loved going to the drive-in. I may have to see if we have any nearby. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Jasmin says:

    I love the idea of a painting class! Adding this on our list of date ideas for when we can venture out again.

    1. Adenike says:

      glad to this post could help

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