Christmas Date Ideas
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Today I will be sharing different christmas date ideas that you and your partner can try out this christmas, these holiday date ideas are super fun and also budget friendly.

Christmas is in the air and I know you must be wondering what you and your partner will be doing for this festive season, where will you hang out? What will you be doing?? But not to worry about it. I have got you covered, here are some awesome christmas date ideas that you can try out.

Christmas Date Ideas

Take A Christmas Themed Photo shoot: The first date idea on the list of christmas date ideas is to take a christmas themed photo shoot. You and your partner can have a photo shoot which will be a Christmas themed one, this will definitely be fun and you can also make a postcard out of the photo shoot.

Romantic Evening Walks: At this time of the year, Christmas lights will be everything, you and your partner can take a walk in the evening and check the lights how it lights up the city and how beautiful it is.

Start Your Own Christmas Tradition: You and your partner can take this opportunity to start your own Christmas tradition together, you can a day or two days before Christmas or after Christmas.

Have A Christmas Movie Marathon: You can pick out Christmas movies that you and your partner can watch on Netflix, All you have to do switch off the lights, get some popcorn and enjoy the movie.

Hit A Bookstore: You and your partner can go to a bookstore (this is for the book lovers) and pick out books and read with some hot chocolate.

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Holiday Cooking Class: You take a cooking class with your partner, the theme of course will be Christmas, you get to learn how to make Christmas cakes and desserts.

Christmas Shopping: You and your partner can go Christmas shopping together,this way you get to spend some time together and also have a little competition, for example you say the first person to finish shopping in 30 minutes or one hour, gets something.

Make Ugly Sweaters: This can go two ways, one you can crochet a sweater that is really ugly or you can go to a craft store and buy a sweater and paint on it. I am quite certain that option two is going to be a lot more fun or you can host a ugly sweater competition.

Go to Christmas Themed Comedy Show: You can take your partner to a Christmas comedy show, it is festive season and I am certain that there are going to be a lot of comedy shows that will be taking place.

Gift Wrapping Date Ideas: The last date idea on the list of christmas date ideas is gift wrapping date idea, you and your partner can turn gift wrapping into a date, by turning on some music and getting your gift wrapping equipment and start wrapping and you can turn it into a little competition of who can wrap a gift better.

That is all for the christmas date ideas that I have for you, please let me know how your date went and what you think of the date ideas in the comments below.

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  1. These are some great ideas! My boyfriend and I always go on walks in the evening and we both went Christmas shopping together! We gave each other half an hour to get each other’s presents so it’s a surprise!

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