Stages Of Dating
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Today I will be sharing the stages of dating, in my last blog post I shared with you guys the five different stages of a relationship if you haven’t read it you can check it out here The 5 Different Stages Of A Relationship so let’s get into the stages of dating.

Dating as we all know in terms of relationship means one is actively going out with someone that they really like and spending a lot of time with the person, in the hopes of having a committed relationship with person.

Most people who are dating go through all this stages and some go through half of the stages while some don’t go past the first stages, i have to say that each stage is a decision that one has to make because if you don’t make the decision at each stage then there will be no dating relationship, so with that said let’s find out the stages of dating.

Meeting Stage: A dating relationship has to start somewhere, the initial meeting must take place somewhere whether it’s at a cafe or at a party, through the internet, through friends or at a bar, there are a lot of places that you can meet someone.

The Crush Stage: this stage of dating comes immediately after the meeting stage, this is where you decides if you like the person you just met or if you don’t like the person but if you do then you start crushing on the person, you start calling and doing your best to be there for the person.

The Declaring Stage: At this stage, you and your crush have been talking for a while and you want to take things to the next level, this is where you gather your courage and walk up to your crush and tell him/her how you feel about them and what your intentions are and if you don’t know how to approach your crush not to worry i have a post about How to Date Your Crush, this post will give you the tips that will help you talk to your crush.

The First Date: This stage of dating comes after declaring your feelings and intentions to your crush, this stage goes two ways your crush can decide to say no that he/her is not interested in you and the courting is over or your crush has the same feelings towards you. Then you and your crush can go on a first date together.

The Question Stage: this stage of dating, this is when you and your crush start asking questions about each other, what you guys plan to do if you decide to go into a relationship or if you and your crush want to your relationship to the next level.

The Decision Stage: this stage of dating is where the both of you decide to stick together or not, this stage is very crucial because the relationship can end at this stage.

The Lovey Dovey Stage: This stage of dating is the last stage of dating, this just means that you and your crush have finally decided to stay together and make a relationship out of what you guys have, it’s the stage that marks the beginning of your relationship.

This is all i have for the stages of dating and all i have for this post i hope you guys enjoyed this post, i had so much fun writing this post. if you like this post leave a comment in section below or if you have any contributions i will be glad to hear, just leave a comment below and i will get back to you.

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  1. This is very interesting as someone who is married and hasn’t had to “date” someone in over eight years! I remember these stages as fun and exciting, and is especially cute to look back on those early moments with my husband. Thanks for sharing!

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