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Staying organized can be a struggle that is why I will be sharing with you how to stay organized whether you want to stay organized at home or at work this post will definitely help you out. Staying organized like I said can be a struggle everyday and sometimes it can become a never ending chaos which can turn our head and everything else upside down but that is what happens when you overload your schedule and your to-do list, it is very necessary that you find a way to stay organized if you don’t, you will start to feel stressed.

If you regularly find yourself always busy and you are trying your best to stay on top of everything then this post on how to stay organized will definitely help you not to only stay organized but to also increase your productivity level, all you have to do is make this tips a part of your daily routine and you will see some significant result, so without wasting anymore time let’s begin.

How To Stay Organized

How to stay organized
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  1. Put Everything Away: The number one tip on how to stay organized is to put everything away, whatever you use after working, this is very important because if you use something and you don’t put it back where you picked it from, it will become clutter on your workspace and the next time you want to work and you see the clutter, you won’t be motivated to work.

2. Always Have A To-do List: This is super important, for everything that you want to do, you need to have a to do list for everything that you want to do, this will help you keep everything in one place and also help you stay organized.

3. Update Your Planner Everyday: Just like the to do list, you need to have a planner and also update it everyday, your planner will help you plan your day ahead, a planner can also be used for different things (I will talk about that in another post) what is Important is that you have your planner at all times and also update it everyday.

4. Always Remember That Drawers Are Your Friend: Another tip on how to stay organized is to always remember that drawers are your friend, as soon as you finish using a particular item put it back in the drawer that you found it in, if you don’t have a drawer then I will suggest that you get one they will help stay organized.

5. Devote Atleast 20 minute a Day For Organisation: Tip number five on how to stay organized is to devote atleast 20minute a day for organisation, this will help you a lot, when you dedicate some time each day to organize your workspace or any where else will not only help you become organize and also increase your productivity level.

6. Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Need: This tip is important, whatever is on your workspace that you don’t need, just get rid of them, the more you keep them there, the more it will clutter your space which in turn will decrease your productivity rate.

7. Break Up Your Task: Another tip on how to stay organized is to break up your task, if you have a massive list of things to do, break them up into small task or you can break them up using the day. For example, you can say you will complete some certain tasks in the morning (maybe the hard tasks) and then take a rest and do the rest of the task in the afternoon, this usually works for me, give it a try if it works for you then that is great and if it doesn’t then look for a routine that will work for you.

8. Never Let Work Pile Up: This is the result of procrastination, when you procrastinate alot, procrastination can stop a lot people from working on their goals and project so if you want to stay organized you need to not let work pile up which in turn means you need to stop procrastinating, if you don’t know how to stop it, then read this post on how to stop procrastinating.

9. Learn The In & Out Rule: This rule is simply about completing a task before you start working on another one, which means for every take that you want to add to your to do list, you must have completed one task on your to do list.

10. Make Your Decision Faster: The last tip I have for on how to stay organized is to make your decision faster, this tip also has to do with procrastinating, if you want to be stress free and also increase your productivity rate then you need to make your decision faster about your work.

That is all the tip I have for you today on how to stay organized also remember that when you add some of this tips to your daily routine, you will become more productive.

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  1. I love these tips, some of them are really unique, I hadn’t heard of the in and out rule before but it makes so much sense. I definitely need to get better at putting things away, and also make decisions faster! xx

  2. I am always trying to get more organized. These are great tips. I especially like your “in & out rule.” I think that will help me immensely. Thanks!

  3. Simple but effect tips, love it! Weekends are usually set aside for this kind of stuff but then I feel like I work 7 day weeks! Maybe I need to do a little bit each day πŸ’œ

  4. I love your suggestion of using just 20 minutes each day to work through cleaning your space up. Dedicating a whole day can seem overwhelming. It can also be hard to block off an entire day in your schedule for cleaning purposes. However, everyone can find 20 minutes at some point. You just have to make the most of that 20 minutes, be productive and avoid letting yourself be distracted.

  5. Definitely great tips and reminders, I’ve been bad about checking my planner and consistently writing in it lately. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Such great tips! I especially like breaking things into more manageable chunks; more things to tick off equals more motivation! I also gave my desk a quick clean and resort yesterday and it made a huge difference; being in an organised space matters! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. Getting organised is definitely something I need to work on more next year. I’ve just bought a new planner so hopefully that can help out a bit!

  8. Great post! Putting everything away is a fantastic tip- and so important. I am so bad at tidying away my things, I describe myself as an organised person, but I think I’m definitely messy! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  9. I used to be a complete clean freak and then we started a family and oh my word I need to Bootcamp them haha. I love having a place for everything and I do my best to always put things back where they come from. I hope as the children get older they adopt this too. Great tips!

  10. Its funny how often i think to myself i need to do xyz because I’m so disorganized and the cycle continues. Great idea to work at least 20 minutes a day.

  11. These are some really great suggestions. I love to be organized and find it necessary for me to stay focused and happy. It’s more challenging for me when I share the space and others don’t have the need to be as organized!

  12. This is so true on many points. The clutter and space stuff takes up can get too much, then it can take an age to throw things away. Like you suggested, just 20 minutes Γ  day, will keep on top of it.

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