Tips on how to stop overthinking
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Today’s post is about how to stop overthinking, overthinking things can be destructive to people’s lives, every little you do you keep overthinking which is not healthy in the least.

What causes overthinking? Fear, it plays a huge part in people overthinking things, it might be fear of failure or fear of stepping out of your comfort zone, people overthink things until it becomes bigger and scarier than it is and that is not healthy for one’s mental health.

It is OK to think things through but when you start to overthink it and it gets to a point that you start sabotaging the good things that can happen in your life.

How To Stop Overthinking

Be Aware: You need to be aware of when you start overthinking, you need to stop that early because if you don’t then it will keep happening over and over again. I have been here (well I am still kinda here) I start overthinking things when I want to start on a new project, at first its start as me thinking about the pros and cons of what I am about to but later on I start overthinking things so that much that I end up not working on that project because I have this fear of failure and like that, I have lost an opportunity.

Don’t Dwell On The Cons: Another tip on how to stop overthinking is to not dwell on the cons too much, I know when we want to start something, we have to think of the pros and cons but sometimes we think of the cons way too much and that needs to stop because we keep thinking of the cons of everything we won’t get into whatever it is that we want to start and that is not good for anyone.

Distract Yourself: Another tip on how to stop overthinking to distract yourself when you feel that you are starting to overthink things, for example, you can listen to music or read a book something that you will distract you so that you won’t overthink.

Stop Trying To Be Perfect: Tip number four on how to stop overthinking is to stop trying to be perfect, no one on earth is perfect and people need to understand that, when you come to the realization that you are not perfect I can tell you that it will lift a judge burden off your shoulders, When you come to that realization that you are not perfect that whenever you do can not be perfect and that there is no perfect timing you will stop overthinking.

Change Your View Towards your fears: Another tip on how to stop overthinking is to change your view towards your fears, to get rid of your fears you need to face it head-on whether its fear of failing or something else you need to have the mindset that you can overcome anything that you put your mind to.

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Accept That You Can’t Predict The Future: Tip number six on how to stop overthinking is to accept the fact that no one knows what the future will bring and overthinking about the future will not help, we just have to work hard and pray towards the future each and every one of us wants.

Believe In Yourself: Another step on how to stop overthinking is to believe in yourself no matter what you or you want to do if you do not believe in yourself no one else will. When you have confidence in yourself you won’t have to overthink things and you won’t seek approval from other people.

Set Deadlines For Decision Making: Whenever you want to make a decision set deadline that will help you make a decision faster so that you don’t start overthinking things.

Take Action: The last tip on how to stop overthinking is to take action, whenever you decide to do something don’t overthink it, just take action towards it even if you are going to fail in the long run at least you will know that you tried your best and you have learned your lesson and you can apply it to your future project instead of you not to take any action and you regret it in the long run.

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  1. Great post! I am such an overthinker- even about things that it is categorically not necessary to worry about. These are some great tips, I’ll have to try and change my habits a little.

  2. I definitely overthink too especially when it comes to social situations. I find that I will often think about something I’ve said or done for ages after a social situation has ended and worry about how people might perceive me because of it. It definitely stems from passed experiences and how others have treated me and I definitely think that, as you mention, I need to change my views towards this fear. I now know when I’m overthinking and often find it comforting to talk to someone else if theres something bothering me. It can act as both a distraction, and an anxiety outlet. Love that you’ve written about this and provided such helpful tips x

  3. Distracting yourself is something I practice often. And it helps too. Also taking action is a must!

  4. I’m a HUGE overthinker. It holds me back on a lot of the things I want to do and achieve in my life. And it makes me afraid of failure, so I end up thinking what if…instead of giving things a shot.

    Hannah |

  5. These are some great tips! I’m definitely guilty of overthinking which often leads to self-doubt. Making strategic plans is such an important tip for reducing that feeling of being overwhelmed. Thanks for sharing!

  6. On a real life scenerio, I would say over thinking brings wonders too, if the things are in other perspective…. Little bit of Paulo Coehlo effect …

    Anyhow a good topic and write up

  7. Love these tips! It’s so easy to get stuck in a certain thought-pattern but I think these tips will definitely break you out of them! Thanks for sharing!

  8. These are some really great tips here – I’m such an over thinker myself and just learning to trust people when they say it will be okay is a massive deal. Bookmarking your post to look back upon in the future! Thanks for sharing.

    Paige // Paige Eades

  9. Such a good read! I am guilty of this sometimes and so much more now because my father suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and is bedridden for now. I have to constantly be aware of my thoughts so I can quickly switch to positive thinking anytime any negative thoughts comes up. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Good tips. My go-tos for stopping overthinking have been controlling what I can’t control, and dancing!! As in, I do something that I don’t have to overthink about. For me that’s dancing, for others that may be cooking or reading.

  11. Such a common problem! I usually just end up distracting myself but I do find I overthink when I’m trying to sleep so I have to try and relax, maybe think through the problem and then actively decide that I’ve given it time and now I need to do something else

  12. Thanks for this post and your wise tips. Mindfulness is key for me as l ha e a velcro brain and can easily get stuck in thought loops! Awareness is a great way of noticing and breaking the cycle. Distraction techniques are great too!

  13. Yes.., overthinking definitely overkills passion for whatever you were wishing to start. All three of us at T.B.C have a different approach. The other two are very meticulous and need things to go exactly as they want them to and so the overthinking happens way before the project has even started – I guess its a form of control. I am free faller. I have learned to be. Its not a nice place in my head when overthinking takes over and so I just remind myself I am capable and I feel my way through it. Its not always been that way – ive gotten better at it. Thank you for the reminder x

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