How To Stop Self Sabotage
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In this post, I will be sharing tips on how to stop self sabotage, we all have self sabotaged ourselves that once in a while, self sabotage is when your logical conscious mind is at odds with your subconscious mind, it also involves behaviors and thoughts that keeps you from becoming your best self or keeps you from achieving your goals in life.

This is a way for your subconscious mind tries to protect you, prevent you from pain and deal with deep seated fear, self sabotage result into us being cautious with the challenges that we are supposed to face instead of us to seize the challenges that comes our way head on and we miss out on our goals and dreams and sometimes we don’t know why.

If you are wondering what you can do to stop self sabotaging, well stop wondering here are tips on how to stop self sabotage for you to be able to start working towards your goals and dreams.

How To Stop Self Sabotage

How to stop self sabotage
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  1. Understand What Self sabotage is: Most of us don’t really know what self sabotage is, well let me explain in a plain manner, I will use myself as an explain. You see when I was in college, whenever it came to having a test or when exams are close by, I always told myself that I would not pass it and even if I did pass i will not make it more than 50% of my result, it happened for the first two semesters even when I read my books like crazy, my result always came out the same, it wasn’t until my second year in college that one of my friend sat me down and told me that what I was telling myself needed to stop, after that I started working to change my mindset about myself (Note this took awhile) but I started seeing some result. So you see if you have a limiting belief about yourself you won’t be able to work on yourself and your goals.

2. Recognize Self Sabotaging Habits That You Might Have: Another tip on how to stop self sabotage is to recognize self sabotaging habits that you have, the first step towards breaking the cycle of self sabotaging is to recognize the self sabotaging habits that you have and that you need to stop.

Procrastination: The first habit that you might have to recognize that you are self sabotaging is procrastination, a lot of us procrastinate a lot, instead of working on your project in a timely manner but you just allow yourself to waste time till the last minute. You need need to stop procrastinating, you can stop procrastinating with my post on how to stop procrastinating.

Perfectionism: Perfectionism is when you tell yourself that you can’t take action towards your goals until you have all the material for your project or you are waiting for the right time. If you are waiting for the perfect time or all the right material to work on a project, you will wait for a long time and you might not achieve your goals.

Negative Self Talk: This is what I did to myself in college, this is something that needs to stop, if one continues negative self talk, it will not only affect you when you want to work on your goals, it will also affect your confidence, you will not have enough confidence in yourself to start or work on anything.

3. Identify The Causes: Tip number three on how to stop self sabotage is to identify the causes of why you self sabotage, look deep down in yourself and find out why you self sabotage yourself, is it because you are feeling inadequate? is it because you will you are not worthy of being successful? Ask yourself this questions and see what answers that you come up with.

4. Take Time To Self Reflect: Another tip on how to stop self sabotage is to take time to self reflect, after identifying the cause of self sabotaging, you then need to take time to reflect, it only through self reflection can gain the necessary insight, perspective and understanding to begin the process of change and transformation.

5. Find Your Inner Voice: Tip number five on how to stop self sabotage is to find your inner voice, Fear holds a lot of us back from achieving our goals, what we need to do is to find our inner voice that inner positive voice that will help us whenever we start self sabotaging.

Change Your Behavioral Pattern: Another tip on how to stop self Sabotage is to change your behavioral pattern, you must be wondering how do I go about this if I don’t even know if I self sabotage, well this part is really when you study yourself, there are some subtle things that will you will notice, once you start noticing it, then you can start working towards changing.

Make Small Changes: The second to the last tip on how to stop self sabotage is to make small changes no matter, how small it is, make those small changes, small changes lead to big changes.

Set Your Goals And Make Your Plans: The last tip on how to stop self sabotage is to set your goals and make your plans, start setting your goals from now, I won’t lie and say you won’t have doubts, you will but once it is taking over and making you want to quit on your goals then you need to stop those doubts in their tracks and tell yourself that you can do it.

That is all the tips I have to share with you guys on how to stop self sabotage, remember that if you don’t put in the work, you will not get any results. I hope this post helps you, let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for this – it’s a reminder that I definitely needed. I’m a perfectionist… It’s something that I have battled with my entire life. Often, my perfectionist tendencies lead me to wait to act until I can have everything ‘perfect’ or to go to lengths in order to control everything around me. Letting go of that is the key to success.

  2. I just recently realize I’ve been self sabotaging, I didn’t even how much of a perfectionist I was. I trying to better myself and to understand that I can’t control everything, just trusting in whatever the universe wants to do. It’s a struggle but I’m up for it

  3. What a wonderful post! I have a few of that that I am working on. From one self help blogger to another, keep up the great work. 🙂

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