5 Clues to find out if Someone is Attracted to You

clues to find out if someone is attracted to you.
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We all have someone that we think is interested in us but we are sometimes scared to approach the person because we might be wrong but not to worry here are some clues to find out if someone is attracted to you.

  1. Body Language: To find out if someone is attracted to you, you will know through their body language, the person’s body will always face you each and every time the person talks to you. The person’s body will always lean towards you or try to mimic your every movement, he/she will always find an excuse to touch you even if it just for a second.
  2. Eye Contact: This is one of the classic sign that someone is attracted to you, if you catch the person staring at you then you know that the person is attracted to you. According to some scientific American article, dilated pupils are another sign of attraction. Dilated pupil can make someone more attractive.
  3. Subtle Looks: is also one of the ways to find out if someone is attracted to you, you can often see the spark in eye contact or a smile, you can also feel the person looking at you even when you are pretending not to notice the person, you will notice the person can’t take their eyes off you.
  4. Communication: Communication in the sense of a conversation, if someone is attracted to you, they will try to start a conversation with you, when a person is really really attracted to you he/she will either be really nice or be obnoxious. The person will be nice in the sense that he/she will do everything to please you, then the obnoxious is when the person just get angry or mad just to get your attention and also the person will also want to see you more often, that means he/she will make up silly excuses just to see you.
  5. Flirting: The best clue for you to find out if someone is attracted to you is by flirting, I mean everyone flirt even me, when I really like someone I flirt with them, I send out a flirting signal and if the person person like me, he will send one back my way and he doesn’t then I know he is not attracted to me.

So there you have it, 5 clues to find out if someone is attracted to you and if you are the one that is attracted to someone then try out this method so you will know if the person is attracted to you too or not.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! Although I’m already married, this brought me back to the days of conquering (;

    1. Lol, glad you liked it

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