Summer Date Ideas
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Summer is here so has the longer days and the warm weather, there are going to be plenty of things to do which include going on dates, here are some fun summer date ideas for you and your partner to try out.

These cheap summer date ideas follow the guidelines for covid 19 for social distancing and wearing a face mask, there is never a shortage of things to do on summer dates, if you are just getting to know each other, you can go for a picnic in a park or go for a walk on the beach. It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you and your partner do it together.

Cute Summer Date Ideas

Take a Cooking Class Together

Whether you want to learn how to make pizza or pasta, cooking is a very fun way to bond with your partner.

Go Hiking

Next on the list of fun summer date ideas is to go hiking, take on the great outdoors and find a hiking trail near you, you will get to see some beautiful sites while encouraging each other along the way.

Go Skydiving

If you and your partner have never skydived before, this is the perfect summer date idea that you can use to step out of your comfort zone.

Take A Road Trip

Have you been putting off that long-overdue road trip? now is the time for you to take that road trip, explore different places, or drive to the nearest town and explore historical places.

Go To The Beach

What is a better way to spend your summer time than to go to the beach, you and your partner can go to the beach together and enjoy some time together, don’t forget to have lots of fun and practice social distancing and wear your face mask.


There is something romantic about starring at the stars, so get a blanket, your telescope (so that you can see constellations) and enjoy some romantic time under the stars.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an alternative you don’t want to go hiking, this requires teamwork and trust which is very important for a happy relationship.

Picnic Date

This is one of the best summer date ideas though it is not one of the most inventive summer date ideas, going on a picnic date is surely the best, you and your date can enjoy the outdoors and also the summer breeze, don’t forget to have fun.

Go Wine Tasting

Take a day off and treat your partner to a day of wine tasting, doing these activities helps you and your partner even closer.

Go For a Boat Rides

The best way to spend your summer afternoon is on the water, so take rent a boat or a kayak and have some fun, this helps you build some level of intimacy because you will feel like the only two people in the world on the water.

Backyard Karaoke

If you own a karaoke microphone then any where is your stage, why not use your backyard as your stage (that is if you have one) you get to release your inner pop star at home and with your partner.

Visit a Garden

Find a botanic garden near you, visit there and smell some flowers since it’s summer you are guaranteed to see some beautiful flowers in bloom.

Go Camping

If you have been putting off going camping, now is the perfect time to on an overnight date in the wilderness.

Couple’s Massage

The number fourteen date idea on this list of fun summer date ideas is to have a couple’s massage, you can choose to go the spa or bring the spa to you whichever you choose just make sure to relax yourselves.

The Movies

I know going to the movies these is a bit tricky but once you follow all the necessary guidelines then you are good to go.

Visit The Museum

Go to the museum and explore the newest exhibit that thy have whether you are into science, history or art. You can always find something that appeals to the both of you.

Go Bowling

Bowling is a classic date idea, you can find some really good alley with really nice decor from vintage to cocktails, you just take your pick.

Go Dancing

Look for a nice place to go dancing, don’t forget wear your face mask and practice social practicing.

Get Ice Cream Together

Summer is the perfect time to binge on ice cream, you can even go for frozen yogurt and gelato.

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Try Outdoor Workout Class

Having a shared physical activity is beneficial to romantic relationships.

Volunteer Together

One of the best things you and your partner can do is to do something for someone else together

Visit The Zoo

No one is too old to visit the zoo and also don’t forget to take pictures of cute baby animals.

Go Skinny Dipping

Spend some alone time in the water, after all isn’t that what summer is all about?

Host a Karaoke Night

You and your partner can host a karaoke night, you can have a virtual karaoke party.

Have Game Night

The number twenty-fifth date idea on the list of summer date ideas is to have game night. You can have a few friends over for game night or you and your partner can enjoy it by yourselves.

Go on a Double Date Dinner

Go out on a double dinner date with your friend.

Play Mini Golf

Create fun memories centered around fun activities like playing mini golf, you get to have laughable and silly memories.


Pick a beautiful outdoor place, have a lavish brunch and enjoy some delicious food.

Book Store Date

For the book lovers, you can have a date in the book store, you are surrounded by books.

Bake Something Together

The last date idea on this list of romantic summer date ideas is to bake something together whether it’s cake, or cookies, just have some fun while doing it.

I hope you find this helpful, let me know which of the date ideas you are going to try first.

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  1. These are really amazing summer date ideas! I can’t wait until we are no longer in a lockdown so my husband and I can have a bookstore date. I love those. Until then, I think we will have to stick to hikes and picnics. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

  2. I love going to the beach or having a picnic! That is absolutely great! Love the ideas, since summer is finally here in the Neterlands, I can’t wait to go on adventures.

  3. I love this list – so many ideas I don’t know where to start! I love being outdoors in the summer so I’d gravitate towards going to a garden, or on a hike, or a beach! Thanks for sharing this awesome list.

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