Things To Do During Self Quarantine
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Hey guys, how are you doing? I hope you guys are staying safe and practicing social distancing, The post for today is things to do during self quarantine I know this times are hard for some of us who are not used to staying at home, one can get bored quite easily that is why I wrote this post today.

I have put together some list of things to do during self quarantine that will help you guys get rid of boredom, it also has some tips that can help you be productive during this time.

Things To Do During Self Quarantine

Play Puzzles: one of the best ways to kill boredom is to do some puzzles, it will help in keeping your brain active.

Learn To Cook: The best time to learn anything is now and if you don’t know how to cook or you want to learn some new recipes then why not start now.

Start Doing Yoga: You can start practicing yoga right now so that by the time you start work, you will start it stress free.

Binge Watch a Series: You can binge watch a TV series that you have always wanted to watch, right now I am binge watching Criminal Minds and I can tell you guys, I wish I had started watching it a long time ago.

Organize Your Closet: This is the perfect time to organize your closet, you decide which clothes you want to stay and the ones you want to give away.

Watch Old Music Video: Guys I know I have mentioned this in my post on Things to do when you are bored but I have to mention it again because watching old music videos on YouTube can be quite interesting.

Listen To New Podcasts: You can pass the time by listening to new podcast. You can check out my podcast on anchor at Nike’s Corner Podcast.

Watch Funny Videos: Another things to do during self quarantine is watch some really funny videos on YouTube or on Tiktok, I tend to watch Funny animals videos.

Try Crocheting: You can learn how to crochet by watching YouTube videos, you can make sweaters, headbands among other things.

Practice Self Love: This is the best time to get to know yourself better and get to love yourself.

Organize Your Home: This is the perfect time for you to redecorate your home or to reorganize your home ,you can change up the set up of your home.

Make A Vision Board: One of the things to do during self quarantine is to create a vision board for yourself. Right now is the perfect time to write down your vision and put them on a board so that by the time all of this is over, you will have a clear picture of your dream and also you can start working on it.

Read a Book: You can start the habit of reading books during this time of self quarantine.

Start Journaling: This is the best time for you to start Journaling, start the habit of putting down your thoughts.

Start a YouTube Channel: This is the best time for someone to start a YouTube channel because everyone is home right now so people will turn to YouTube to watch tutorial videos among other videos.

Watch/ Create Tiktok Videos: Another things to do during self quarantine is to either watch Tiktok videos or you can create a Tiktok video. As we all know Tiktok is rave of the moment.

Learn a New Language: learning a new language is also one of the things to do during self quarantine, the language I am currently learning is Spanish and I am loving, the app I am using is Duolingo, you can learn any language you want and OT is also free to use.

Take Online Courses: Most of the the sites I know are right now offering free online course and I believe this is the best time for you to learn something new today. If you want links to the websites let me know in the comments below and I will include it here.

Start a Blog: What better things to do during self quarantine is to start a blog today!! I can tell you guys that starting a blog is quite easy but you have to put in the work. You can check out Boss Girl Blogger to check out her post on How To Start A Blog, she has a lot of helpful tips.

Learn How to Make Money Online: This is the best time for you to find different ways to make money online. For Example You can try freelancing if you are really good at typing or coding. There are different ways to make online not just freelancing.


Try To Break a World Record

Practice Self Care

Start Exercising

Set Goals For Yourself

Re-watch Your Favorite Movies

Learn how to Bake

Facetime Your Friends

Create a Gratitude List: Write down everything that you are grateful for everyday.

Teach Your Pet a New Trick.

Try Doing Some DIY.

That is the list of things to do during self quarantine, I hope this helps you guys getting rid of boredom. If you have some things that you think or feel needs to be on the list then let me know in the comment below. Thanks for reading guys don’t forget to Stay Safe, Practice Social Distancing and Always Wash Your Hands.

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  1. I loved this post! I have been struggling to find things to do. I have heard so much about people watching podcasts. Thanks for the recommendation, I really want to get in to that! Also your suggestion about online courses was great!!

  2. These are all great ideas! When I was in self-isolation for two weeks and I got around to doing things on my todo list! I also did a lot of crafting and blogging ideas!

  3. These are great tips! I’m actually using this time to grow my blog, crochet and practice self care.

  4. Such great ideas πŸ™ŒπŸ» Great post! I have started doing some yoga and working out a bit more. I also gave in and started making some tiktok videos lol.

  5. I have not yet learned to crochet or made a vision board, but both would require supplies I don’t have at the moment. We watched music videos on YouTube just last night! I don’t think our kids (2 and 6) knew what to think!

  6. I just recently downloaded and signed up for TikTok. Confession: I have been spending WAY too much time in the black hole that is animal videos on there hahaha! I haven’t made any of my own yet, but I’m sure that’s to come soon!

  7. Great ideas! We are doing a lot of baking since we are stuck at home. I think a lot of other people are too because the grocery store has been out of yeast the last 2 times I went shopping!!!

  8. These are really useful tips you have shared. Self care is most important thing to do in this quarantined period, at least for me. I am WFH for my company, so my routine is same as before quarantined, still trying my best to exercise and self development.

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