Things To Do When You Are Bored
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Are you bored? Are you wondering what are the things to do when you are bored? Well don’t worry too much because i have got you covered.

In this age of social media, there are some times when i get really bored even though there are some things that i can do on the internet but sometimes i need something new to do (if you know what i am saying).

I have compiled a list of things to do when you are bored, some of what is on this list have helped me when i was feeling bored so i hope this helps you too.


Do Yoga: You can decide to start doing yoga whenever you get bored, this not only help you when you get bored but it also helps you relieve stress. Yoga helped me a lot when i was dealing with a lot things, it helped me relieve a lot of my stress and anger.

Read a Book: I love reading a lot of romance novels (especially Nora Roberts Books) and it has helped me in times when i get really bored, also there is just something to say when you read a romance mystery, it just keeps you on your toes.

Organize Your Closet: If you are feeling bored and you don’t know what to do then just reorganize your closet, i find that whenever i am reorganizing my closet, it helps me put some stuff in perspective and it helps gives a clearer picture if something is bothering me.

Start a New Hobby: Starting a new hobby when you are bored is like a really good thing because it will keep you busy. I started my new hobby of drawing and designing stuff one day when i was bored at work.

Visit a Local Attraction: One of the things to do when you are bored is to visit some of the local attraction in your city and just have some fun.

Go To The Movies: You can take yourself on a date when you are bored, you can check the latest movies showing in the cinemas and treat yourself to a movie and popcorn.

Start Journaling: Journaling is also a way to get rid of bored, you can write out your feeling and thoughts through journaling.

Clean Your Outdoor Space: Most people forget their outdoor space when they are at work or they are very busy but if you are bored then you clean out your outdoor space.

Go Shopping For New Essentials: You can make a list of the essential things that you need for yourself and things that you will need for the house and go shopping for it.

Listen To a New Podcast: Listening to a new podcast is also one of the things to do when you are bored, it can be an inspirational podcast or a funny one which ever you chose, you can also listen to my podcast at Nike’s Corner on anchor

Change Up Your Decor: You can change up the decor of your room if you are bored.

Make Ice Cream: You can look up ice cream recipes on pinterest or on YouTube and make yourself some ice cream.

Learn a New Language: I recently started learning Spanish on an app that i found and i can tell you my Spanish is getting there, so things to do when you are bored is to learn a new language.

Bake Yourself Some Cookies: You can make yourself some cookies to go with the ice cream that you made.

Do Your Laundry: If you are looking for things to do when you are bored is to do your laundry.

Watch Old Music Video: I just started re watching old music videos on YouTube and i have to tell you it brings back memories and its just plain fun to dance to old music.

Make a Vision Board: Making a vision board for yourself is going to be good for you because it helps you put down your vision of what you want to be or where you want to be by the end of the year or in five years time. i have my own vision board, i took a picture of it and made it my screensaver so that whenever i want to do anything it reminds me of where and what i want to be.

Watch Funny Videos: You can go to YouTube and check out funny videos.

Have a Relaxing Bath: You draw yourself a bath and just relax and let the stress leave your body.

Volunteer: You can volunteer yourself to places that are looking for volunteers so you can help the community grow.

That is all for things to do when you are bored, if you have some ideas that you think should be on the list then comment in the section below and i will add it to the list. if you are looking for more list of things then check out my post on 70 Important & Fun First Date Questions To Ask

Thanks for Reading.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this list!! Luckily I don’t experience boredom often in this crazy life but over the weekend we had a moment of boredom. lol Great list!

  2. We got a cineaworld card exactly for the reason of going to the movies when we are bored. It’s so easy to just get up and go instead of sitting around being bored. Great ideas in this post!

  3. My days of being bored are long gone now that I’m older, but I was always bored when u was younger! Some great suggestions here I can give to my kids!

  4. This has some great tips in it! I normally get so bored on a weekend if I’m just by myself so I’ll definitely make use of this post! Thank you 👏☺️

  5. Omg yes! Old music videos are the beeest! Definitely a cheer-up on boring days. This list is brilliant, if you can’t find something to do here, then something’s wrong for sure 😉

  6. That’s a great post. There really are many days in my life when I am super duper bored. And I have literally nothing to do. Will definitely try doing some of these the next time I get bored.

  7. These are brilliant tips! When I have some spare time, I usually do yoga, journal or have a bath – they are my favourite ways to relax and de-stress. Thank you for sharing your suggestions, such a helpful list of ideas! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  8. This is a great list!! Especially now as some have to work from home/schools close, this will be very helpful!

  9. Great list Adenike! I was thinking of making a sort of ‘TBR jar’ but with things to do when I have a while and don’t know what to pick up but maybe making a list would be a faster idea! I could use a number generator for the randomness factor?

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