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Start the new year by creating a vision board that will guide you on the goals you want to achieve, I hope this post on how to create a vision board helps you achieve your goals in the new year.

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is the visual representation of your goals, vision boards can bring powerful results, it helps you clarify what exactly it is you truly want to achieve in the new year. You can place your vision board anywhere you can be able to see it every day, your vision board can be a collection of magazine clippings, pictures, quotes, or anything that can help you illustrate your goals. There are different benefits of having a vision board

  1. You will have an emotional connection that will motivate you to work.
  2. It helps you believe in your dreams even more.
  3. It helps you clarify what you want.
  4. It helps create better intentions.
  5. It helps To increase your chances of success

So without wasting anymore let’s get into how to create a vision board online.

How To Create A Vision Board

Step 1: Set up a Pinterest Board For Your Vision Board: The first steps to creating a vision board is to create a secret board on Pinterest so that you can start pinning images that align with your goals and your vision, this will help you express the way you want in the next journey of your life. For your board, you need to think about every aspect of your life, from business to your personal life, social life, family, health among other things.

How to create a vision board

Step 2: Save Your Images: The number two-step on how to create a vision board is to save your images. After pinning the images you ant you need to create a folder on your computer or your phone so that you can be able to download the images from pinterest to your computer or phone.

Step 3: Start The Design For Your Vision Board: Now what you have to do to go on to Canva, scroll down and you will see the US letter document.

How To Create A Vision Board

Step 4: Upload Your Images To Canva: The next step is to upload your images, after you have clicked on US letter document, look for the upload section in canva which is on your left and then you can start uploading your images.

Hoe to create a vision board

Step 5 Pick Your Grid: The number five-step on how to create a vision board is to pick the grid you want, after uploading your images, click on elements stroll down and you will see the grid pick the one you want, I choose the twelve grid layout like I said you can choose the one that works for you.

How to create a vision board

Step 6 Start Creating Your Vision Board: The last step on how to create a vision board is to start creating your vision, this is where the fun starts, you can play around where you want your images to be, mix up the images, and the grid to suit your needs, here is my vision board for you to use as an example.

how to create a vision board

That is how to create a vision board, I hope these steps on creating a vision board helps you to create your own and also remember when you create your vision board it is not for to leave it and hope some miracle happens that will make your vision come true, right after creating your vision board you have to start setting your actionable goals that will help your vision come to life if you don’t know how to to set goals here is a post on ways to set goals. Remember if you don’t take steps to work towards your goals you don’t see results.

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  1. I always use Canva for my vision boards. Already created mine for 2021 πŸ™‚ I completely agree with what you said that it’s important to take action after creating a vision board. Having your vision in mind and taking aligned action is key πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Adenike!
    I’ve always wondered how to create a vision board, and the post made it seem so simple. I actually unknowingly created a few on Pinterest. (Also most of your pictures didn’t load, but I’m not sure if that’s just my internet)

    Thanks for these easy steps!

  3. I recently created my first even vision board and I wish I had read this post before I’d done it! Thankyou for sharing x

  4. I have never created a vision board before, so I am glad I read your post! Love how you mentioned action must be taken or you won’t see results. Lots of people manifest without trying to achieve what they are manifesting, so I appreciated you saying that!

  5. I’ve made one vision board physically before, but having one I can always go to to look at sounds amazing. I’ve never used canva before, but I will most definitely give it a try. Thanks for the idea

  6. I love a vision board! Really helps you focus on the goals you want to achieve in a super visual way! And I’m glad to meet another Canva fan! haha

    Katie |

  7. I have never created a vision board before. I have heard a lot about vision boards and I will love to give this a try.

  8. Very easy, clear and straight forward. I created my vision board a while back by printing out different images and sticking them together. Will definitely use your steps!

  9. Thanks for sharing. I love Canva and a vision board for 2021 is definitely a good idea !
    Starting right away following your advice πŸ˜‰

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