Ways to relieve stress
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A lot of us don’t really know how to deal with stress that is why I am sharing with you easy ways to relieve stress so that you can be able to manage your stress level.

we all go through stressful times but the way we manage is super important, when you are extremely stressed out you start showing symptoms like headaches, trouble sleeping, and chest pain, increased stressed levels can affect your day to day activities. Honestly, no one can avoid stress at all but you can take some healthy steps to reduce stress.

Ways To Relieve Stress

Spend Time With Family/Friends: The number tip on ways to relieve stress is to spend some time with family and friends, they will help put a smile on your face, they are always there to listen to your problems and help you find solutions.

Exercise: Number two ways to relieve stress is to exercise, exercise in itself helps to increase one’s overall health and one’s sense of well-being which helps put a spring in your step every day. Exercise has some stress-busting benefits, it helps bust your endorphins and also helps reduce the negative effects of stress.

Write It Down: Another to do is to write it down, you can write out what you are feeling at that particular moment in time whether you are stressed out or you just want to write your feelings, this will help you know what you are feeling at that moment and also relieve you of that emotion.

Laugh More Often: The best stress killer is to laugh often, laughter helps strengthen your immune system, helps boost your mood, helps diminishes pain, and also helps protect you from the damaging effects of stress, laughter also helps release your anger and helps you forgive sooner, You can check out YouTube for funny videos.

Learn To Say No: Tip number five on ways to relieve stress is to learn to say no, honestly, you can’t do everything you want to do, you will just run yourself down, you need to learn to say no to yourself and others because if you don’t you will be extremely stressed out.

Avoid Procrastination: Procrastination is something that most people struggle with, they keep postponing things that they need to do immediately and get it over with but they keep dragging it out until the last minute then they start to rush which in turn will put more stress on them, so learn to avoid procrastination check my post on how to stop procrastinating.

Practice Yoga: I have to say the best thing that happened to me has to be yoga, yoga has helped me become more aware of my body and helped relax my mind, yoga also helps in relieving chronic stress pattern and helps sharpen concentration.

Listen To Music: The number eight tip on ways to relieve stress is to listen to music, this something I believe that we all can’t do without, music helps lift our mood whether you are feeling down or you are in a really good mood, I can even tell you that as I am writing this post I am listening to music because it helps clear my mind. So when you are feeling stressed out just put on your headphones and block out the rest of the world.

Talk Yourself Through It: whenever you are stressed out, talk yourself through what exactly is stressing you out, this will help you understand where the stress is coming from and what you can do to relieve it.

Eat Healthy Food: The number ten tip on ways to relieve stress is to eat healthy foods, the benefits of eating healthy food is that it gives you the energy to keep you going through the day and also helps us maintain a healthy weight.

Sleep More: This is super important, having a good night’s sleep will help increase your productivity and concentration level, poor sleep will affect your brain fuction.

Take A Deep Breath: Sometimes all one needs to do to relieve stress is to just take a deep breathe when you start feeling stressed, taking a deep breath will go a long way.

Get In Touch with Your Creative Side: The thirteenth tip on ways to relieve stress is to get in touch with your creative side, at the beginning of this year I decided to take up drawing again and I can tell you, it has helped me a lot, just by exploring that creative side of me, it has helped me not only relieve some the stress that I have but also it has shown me another aspect of life, I apply the creative aspect of my life to everything else that I do. Try exploring your creative side.

Practice Gratitude: Practicing gratitude is important, it lets you focus on the positive aspect of your life and also lets you have a positive outlet towards life.

Spend More Time In Nature: The last tip on ways to relieve stress is to spend more time in nature, go camping, go hiking, these things are beneficial for your health.

That is all the tips I have for you on ways to relieve stress, I really I hope these tips helps you reduce your stress level and also remember if you don’t work on using these tips in your day to day life then you won’t see any results, your development is in your helps if you don’t work towards it, nothing will happen.

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  1. Great post! I love that you suggested watching funny videos! That is my favourite way to relieve stress. Thanks for sharing all these great tips!

  2. Love your tips and will definitely use them. Stress can really impede on your life and it’s crucial to implement strategies to combat the whoahs of life.

  3. So many great tips for relieving stress ! I personally meditate, listen to calm music & journal when Iā€™m feeling stressed out šŸ™‚ but getting lots of inspiration from your post! Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks for sharing! Spending time in nature has definitely helped me this year! I need to work on eating more healthy food in 2021!

  5. Great tips! It’s so important to learn how to deal with stress so it doesn’t affect our health long term. My favorite ways to cope are hiking, paddling with my teammates and doing a creative hobby as well as getting lots of sleep. Thanks and happy new year!

  6. I’ve found that going to karate class (kicking butt and breathing katas) help immensely to relieve stress. I would highly recommend it šŸ™‚

    All the best, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

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