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versatile blogger award

I just want to say a big Thank You to @Thoughts of a multipotentialite for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I really appreciate it.

Three months ago, I was still waiting on a promise that someone made to me that i will be given money to get my own domain name which never happened but I thought to myself why wait for someone to make my dreams come true? Why not make happen myself? After all it is my dream.

I spent a lot of my time trying to know more about blogging and I have to tell you this it is not an easy task especially for someone like me who is in college but hey that is the sacrifice one has to make for what you love.

The twitter community has been nothing but amazing, I have made a lot of friends on twitter and @Thought Of A Multipotentialite has been nothing but supportive. You can check out her amazing blog at Thoughts Of A Multipotentialite where she talks about health, literature, creativity, psychology and lifestyle, I definitely recommend you guys to check it out.

Once again I want to say a big Thank You to @thoughts of a multipotentialite , I am so honored that you nominated me.

Rules of Versatile Blogger Award

versatile blogger award

When I found out that I have been nominated I did a little research about it, The versatile blogger award was created to celebrate blogs with high quality and unique content.

So I found out once you have been nominated, it automatically means that you have won the award, here are the rules of versatile blogger award.

  • Use the award logo for your blog post about being nominated for the award

  • Thank the person who nominated you

  • Link their blog to your blog post

  • Select up to 15 bloggers that you follow /discovered recently

  • Nominate them for the versatile blogger award and add their links to their site

  • Write 7 things about yourself

7 Things About Me

1. I am a 22 year old blogger and student from Nigeria who post whenever she can

2. I play squash (even though I am not very good at it) but I love the game because it keeps me energized because if you know me you know that I am very lazy and it also helps me vent out my anger and frustration.

3. I love listening to music, I can’t go a day without listening to music, it like a drug that I am addicted to.

4. I am obsessed with lipstick, I love love them even though I am not much of a fan full makeup, I love my lipstick especially the dark purple lipstick color (I am obsessed with that color) and it also turns out the color suits my skin perfectly.

5. I love reading novels especially romance novels, and my favorite author is Nora Roberts and Johanna Lindsey. Nora Roberts writes about romance and mystery and magic whenever I read one of her books, I am always amazed and intrigued, Johanna Lindsey books is always about the 1920s when the lords and ladies of the court were still a thing (are they still a thing?) anyways her books are always interesting to read.

6. I love reading and learning about history.

7. I am curious about things.

That is the the seven things about myself, I just wanted say that I am very honored to be nominated and that blogging isn’t easy but if you work hard, you will definitely succeed with it.

I would like to nominate the Following blogs for the versatile blogger award

versatile blogger award





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  1. Congratulations!!😊

    1. Thanks so much

  2. tashas-tales says:

    congratulations! AMAZING news ❤

    1. Thanks so much

  3. Congratulations hun!!

    1. Thank you so much

  4. Congratulations!
    I also like period novels and I find the whole Lords and Ladies thing so enchanting!

    1. Thanks, I know right, they are just fascinating to read

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