Valentine's Day Date ideas
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Valentine’s Day is a day where we show our loved ones how much we love them (not that we don’t do it everyday) but valentine day give us even more excuse to spoil our loved ones.

As we all know know Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I know some of you must already have something planned for the day.

I also know some don’t know what to do for Valentine’s Day but not to worry too much, I have got a list of date ideas for you and your partner to try out this Valentine’s Day.

Learn How to make Chocolate Truffles: You and your partner can enroll in a chocolate truffle class together, you get to spend time together and learn how to make chocolate truffles the way I see it, it’s a win-win situation.

Go Dancing: You any your partner can decide to go dancing after work, pick a really nice club and dance out the stress of day away, don’t forget to have fun.

Tour of your Favorite Places: You can go for a tour of you and your partner’s favorite places to go to, to chill or explore.

Themed Dinner & Movie Night at Home: You can’t have a themed dinner at home, all you have to do is pick theme you want to go with and then set the scene.

Go to a Karaoke Bar: For people like who love music so much (like myself) then going to a karaoke bar and singing your heart out, I have been thinking of doing this for this year’s Valentine’s day but who knows, one thing is for sure though you and your partner will you have a lot of fun.

Spa Day: Spend Valentine’s day at the spa together, you get massages and you don’t get to do anything or think about anything, all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourselves.

Comedy Show: Comedy shows are definitely going to be happening on Valentine’s day, so you and your partner can go for a comedy show and have yourselves a good laugh.

Book an Hotel Stay: Since this year’s Valentine’s day is on a friday, you and your partner can book an hotel stay for the weekend and enjoy yourselves.

Tour of an unexplored in your city: You and your partner can take a tour of the places you haven’t explored in the city.

Recreate Your First Date: First dates are always important to most couples, it symbolizes the beginning of their love for each other. We all cherish the memories a lot, so for Valentine’s day you can recreate your date and have a magical time.

Helicopter Tour of the City: If you haven’t taken an helicopter tour of the city you are living in then this is the perfect time for you to give it a try with your partner.

Double Date: You and your partner can set up a dinner date with a friend who is in a relationship.

Tour Of A Winery/Brewery: If you and your partner haven’t been to a winery or a brewery then this is the perfect opportunity for you guys to visit one.

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  1. Such lovely ideas to celebrate valentines day. I don’t usually celebrate this holiday but this year me and my partner are attending our favourite restaurant for dinner and I can’t wait. Hope you have a lovely valentines day.

    Kate |

  2. My partner and I recreate our first date every anniversary. It is such a lovely thing to do.

    We do many things off your list…just not karaoke 😂

    We have just booked in for a couples pottery workshop too!

    Lovely ideas!

  3. These are really great ideas! Some couples, especially those with kids tend to fall into a trap of always doing the same type of date and this is a really great and easy way to spice things up!

  4. So many awesome ideas! My husband and I haven’t even had a date night in so long, can’t even remember. We have four kids and limited child care options. I would take a spa day in a heartbeat. Would love the opportunity to have a night or two away, stay at a bed & breakfast or an Inn or something ❤

  5. I love this there are some great ideas here thank you so much for sharing! Spending the day together exploring a city nearby is such a good idea you could also book a hotel stay in the city to give you more time to explore and go out for a meal in the evening too!

  6. I love this post! These are all such great and unique date ideas. I especially like the recreate your first date one. That’s such a cute idea xx

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