20 Unique Fun Ideas For Girls Day and Night Out For Summer

Unique fun ideas for girls day and night out for summer
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Hello Dear reader,

I am sorry I have not been posting lately that is because I just resumed school and it has been crazy but I found time to write this blog post I hope you like it.

Life is not fun without your friends there is nothing you want to do that your friends are not there to help you out and you can do the same thing for your friends.

Lately, you and your friends have been tied up with work or school and life in general and you don’t have time for each other to hang out and do a little gossiping(you know typical girl stuff). So finally you and your friends pick a day to hang out together and you just stuck, you don’t know what to do for the day, you don’t want to do the same old things you and your friends have been doing.

Well, don’t worry I have got you covered, here are some Unique Fun Ideas For Girls Day and Night Out For Summer that you and your friends can try out.

1.Road trip

Instead of doing the same old thing, pick a location that you and your friends can take a ride or you guys can be spontaneous and just drive around, you and your friends can pick some songs that you like and you can listen and sing to along the way. Don’t forget to pack some foods and drinks and have a fun road trip with your friends.

2. Go Shopping

What are we girls known for? SHOPPING! That dress that you have been dying to buy, take your friends shopping and have a good time or you can try out clothes or just window shop whichever suit you and your friends.

3. Go to the Beach

The beach is one of the best places to hang out with your friends, so tell your girlfriends to pick their sexiest bikini and don’t forget to pack some sunscreen and some shades and get your tan on.

4.Amusement Park

I know this idea might sound lime but trust me it’s not, you and your friends can scream your heads off on rides and all get to taste the craziest treats ever.

5.Picnic Date

Plan a picnic date with your friends, fill the basket with delicious things to eat, make sure you and your friends have fun, sharing stories, secrets and also laughter.

6.visit an art museum

If you and your friends are art lovers then going to the art museum is perfect for you guys, you can soak up some culture and bond over artworks that you like.

7. Comedy Show

You and your friends can go to a comedy show together where you can without restrictions, what better way to have a really good laugh than with friends?

8. Dancing and Singing Competition

Challenge your friends to a dancing and singing competition, find out which of your friends can dance best and which of can sing the most. This is granted to be fun, you and your friends can let loose.

9. Spa

You and your friends can go to the spa and pamper yourselves or you guys can stay at home and have yourselves a little spa party, where you can do your nails, facials by yourselves and have champagne while you are at.

10. Host a cooking competition

Hosting a cooking competition is good, you get to challenge your friends and you get to find out who amongst your friends is the best cook and who suck at it, this way you and your friends get to bond and share recipes.

11. Go Clubbing

That new dress you and your friends just bought earlier in the day, put them on and hit the club and let loose., have some shots and tequila and don’t forget to have fun and dance.

12. Movie Marathon

If you and your friends are not the clubbing type, you can stay indoors and binge watch old romantic movies (plus new ones) that will make you and your friends cry who else is going to appreciate a good love story than your friends

13. Organize a Book Club

So if you and your friends are bookworms, you can call your friends over or go to a local bookstore and pick a book to read and analyze it or talk about a book that you recently read.

14. Play truth or dare

Who doesn’t like truth or dare (well maybe me) any way you and your friends can enjoy a little game of truth or dare, this way you get to find out each other secrets.

15. Pinterest Diy

That Pinterest art and craft that you all have been dying to try out or that homemade body care products you have been trying to try out, you all can do them do together.

16. Clothes Swap

You must have a few garments in your wardrobe that no longer work for you, ask your friends to bring some of their clothes and accessories that you can swap some of yours with, there is going to bit of competition so have a ticket card that will decide the order your friends will have to choose their new clothes and accessories.

17. Makeup Tutorial

Search YouTube for new makeup tutorials that you and your friends can try out on each other.

18. Photo Shoot

So you and your friends just finished with each other‘s makeup and you all look amazing, organize an impromptu photo shoot for you and your friends, take an amazing photo and don’t forget to post it on social media.

19. WineTasting

Ask your friends to bring their favorite wine and have fun popping the cork of the wine and let the tasting! Begin.

20. Music Concert

I didn’t forget about us music lovers, take your friends and go to a concert, have fun, sing along to your favorite artist.

20. Throwback Sleepover

After all the activities of the day(the wine tasting dancing etc) you guys can go down memory lane and have a throwback sleepover, you can do a little catching up with each other talk about your crush and do a lot of gossiping.

These are all the fun ideas that you and your friends are can do during the day and also at night. Let me know if you try it how and how it went in the comments below and also if you have any idea that you think should be on the list

Let me know in the comments below.

20 Unique Fun Ideas For Girls Day and Night Out For Summer 1


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  1. Batmom85says:

    Great post! Super inspiring I need some friends lol

    1. Lol, thanks

  2. I adore these suggestions, now you’ve got me thinking:)

    1. Am glad you like it

  3. Some great suggestions here! I haven’t had an old-school sleepover in ages hahaha that sounds like so much fun!
    Britt |

    1. Glad you like it


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