The different stages of a relationship
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Most of us don’t know that there are different stages of a relationship, i didn’t even know about it until i was doing some research for one of my blog post, i will tell you this guys i was shocked by my research on this topic.

I mean there are literally different articles about this topic that are so hard to understand but not to worry guys i have broken it down for you guys.

Statistics shows that 40% of relationships end within 3 years because most couple do not know how to deal with some things in their relationship or what to do at the different stages of their relationship.

So if i have caught your attention or you are just plain curious about the stages of a relationship and why must relationship fail, then please keep reading.

Attraction/Romance Stage: I like to call it the lovey dovey stage of a relationship, this stage is the beginning of the relationship, this stage is where the guy asks girl out on a date and they go on the date if date goes as planned then you start dating. This period typically last for about 6 months to one year.

Reality Stages: This stage starts to set in when your partner starts to doubt themselves, they start thinking what if they made a mistake or not really sure if they want to be in the relationship, i can tell you guys for sure that i have been in this stage and i will tell you it is not an easy to pass through but if you and your partner communicate well in your relationship then you have nothing to worry about, i will also say for you to have a lot of patience because most relationships ends at this stage.

Stability Stage: At this point, you and your partner have rode the storm and have decided to stay together but the rejection stage isn’t over because most couples even after deciding to stay together, they still end up parting ways because of some issues or other that can’t to resolve. If you and your partner are still together then you are on the right track.

Commitment Stage: This is the stage you and your partner decide to stick with each other for better or worse, some relationships ends at this stage also but the chance of that happening is very slim. Basically this stage is all about how you and your partner decide to spend the rest of your lives together.

Enjoyment/Bliss Stage: This stage speaks for itself, this stage is where you and your partner are enjoying life together.

Final Note

That is all for this post, i hope you guys enjoy reading this post as much as i did when writing it, let me know what you think about this post in the comment and if you have any contributions i would love to hear.

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  1. Great post! Each stage can be vastly different. Learning how to stick together by transitioning through each one is a challenge but worth the effort.

  2. Oh wow, I didn’t realise how important each stage really is in a relationship. My partner and I are at the Commitment stage and loving every minute. Great post x

  3. Interesting post! I think people often forget that this happens in real life; and sometimes the cycles start over and over. I’ve been with my husband 12 years; married 7 and a half, and I can tell you we have relived these cycles a million times. But we’re holding on strong 🖤

  4. Great post. It’s true relationship have stages. The first year of dating is the beginning part. It is not easy to keep a relationship. You really have to work together, be understanding of each other’s need, and be willing to give and take to make it work.

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