September Goals

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september goals

August was a good month for my blog, for the first In my life I set some goals for my blog and I was able to achieve it (Yay me) now i am wondering why I haven’t done it before. It will be five months on September 4th since I started blogging and the journey so far has been nothing but amazing, I have learned so much in the last five months and I have made new friends who inspires me everyday. Plus,I have a mentor who I love and admire so much, she just inspires me with everything she does.

Anyways, during the month of August I was able to post more eve

n though I have been running around because of school (being a final year student is not easy)

And overall stats, I got 1,083 pageview

I know it’s not big compared to other bloggers who get like 10k views a month but I am very proud with my accomplishments because I didn’t set a goal for my blog and I reached 100 followers on wordpress.

Thanks to each and everyone who is following me (doing the victory dance right now).


Twitter —300 followers – Reached

Instagram — 700 followers – Reached

Facebook — 30 likes – Reached

Pinterest — 90 followers – Reached

September Goals

My goals for September are;

1k followers on Instagram

500 followers on twitter

150 followers for Pinterest

150 followers on WordPress

60 likes on Facebook

Get more page view and more subscribers for my blog.

Those are my goals for September which I hope I can accomplish because my exams is coming but fingers crossed.

What are your goals for September? Let me know in the comments below.

September Goals 1

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  1. congratulations on your views, well done lovely x

  2. aisasami says:

    Congrats!! May you have more success! <3

  3. all the best for your exam!! Congrats girl!! You came a long way <3

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