Reasons Why Relationships Fail and how to make it work

Reasons Why Relationship Fail and How To Make It Work

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You always wonder why your relationships don’t work and you ask yourself this question, what did I do wrong? What did I say? Am I not good enough? Well you shouldn’t ask yourself this questions because you are not the reason why your relationships didn’t work out, Here are reasons why relationship fail and how to make it work.

1. Trust Issues

In every relationships trust is very essential because without trust in the relationship it can lead to jealousy, dishonesty, broken promises and keeping secret. Yuvraj Singh said, “Relationships survive on trust and if that is broken at any point, it’s pretty much the end of the relationship.”


If you want your relationship to work, learn to trust your partner even when you hear a really bad rumor about your partner, trust in him/her enough for them to tell you the truth about the rumors, learn to keep promises if you promise your partner that you are going to get home early then keep to that promise.

2. Communication Issues

Communication is an essential aspect of human life without communication human beings will have a lot problems same goes in a relationship if you can’t communicate with your partner you will have a lot of problems in that relationship because you guys don’t understand each other.


Any issues you have with your partner discuss with him/her don’t go to your friends or family and talk about it because that won’t solve the issue. Communicate with your partner let him/her know you are committed to the relationship, if you are someone like me who doesn’t know how to express the way you feel? you will have to learn because one thing I have learnt is bottling up your feelings won’t get you anywhere because your partner can’t read your mind or know what you are always thinking and I had to learn the hard way, so learn to express yourself and learn to communicate with your partner because it will go a long way in your relationship.

3. Time and Effort

If you are in a relationship where you or your partner keep making excuses from time to time that relationship won’t work. why? You ask? well it won’t work because you and your partner keep making excuses every time one of you has a free time and you want to spend it with the other, you and your partner are not putting enough time and effort into your relationship.


You want your relationship work right? Then make sure you and your partner create time for each other even if it just one minute or an hour of each other’s time to see each other, it will go a long way in the relationship and don’t forget to put more effort into the relationship.

4. Chemistry Fail

Most people in this time and age rush into relationships without getting to know their partners. I mean seriously, people shouldn’t do that don’t people go on dates anymore? It might work inthe movies but this is reality that we are talking about here. After rushing into the relationship you then realize your partner is not who you thought your partner is and it might led into a messy break up.


Before getting into any relationship, get to know the person, go on has many dates as possible. Find out what he/she is interested in, don’t jump into the relationship if all you want is sleep with the person.

5. Emotional Issues

Emotional issues have been known to be one of the reasons why relationships fail and it’s mostly common in females, we tend to get emotional over every little thing. We change from one mood to another especially if you have gone through a lot of emotional traumas, it can be hard on our partners to keep up with our mood swings, some might be able to cope with it and some might not be able to cope with it.


Learn to control your emotions, I know it hard to control emotions but I have been there I can tell you, it was not an easy journey but by trying to mediate and do things that lets you stay positive, it will take time it will help your relationship and it will help you in life.

6. Compromise

In a relationship you must be ready to compromise at some point and if you and your partner keeping finding fault in each other and holding on to past wrongs, it won’t get you anywhere in the relationship, it will be the end of the relationship.


Stop finding faults in each other and start finding ways to help each other grow, stop holding on to past wrong that your partner has done it won’t help because holding on to the past will hurt you more than your partner, you have to forgive your partner no matter how he/she hurt you and just let go.

7. Lack of Patience

Most relationships fail because there is lack of patience, this can cause a manner of things in a relationship, when you have too much expectation from your partner and you get angry whenever your partner doesn’t meet your expectations.


Don’t expect a lot from your partner because if you push your partner too far or too hard your relationship will fail, be patient with your partner no matter what happens.

For your relationship to work you need to follow all the solutions, some might be a bit hard but trust me it going to be worth, it will take some time but your relationship will definitely work out.

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