15 Latest Fun Ideas for Date Night

latest fun ideas for first Date
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It is a well-known fact that the first date can be exciting and nerve-racking and of course awkward! You want your date to have a good time so that there can be a second date, that is why I put together a list of some fun ideas for date night.

You met someone at a bar, you are attracted to each other then you guys exchange numbers, you start talking to each other via text message and you guys decide on a date for the first date and then they ask you to the movies and dinner and you are like what the hell!? I mean don’t get me wrong (going to dinner and the movies was one of the coolest things to do like in the 90s) I mean come on! We are in the 21st century if a guy asks me to dinner or the movies I would just roll my eyes and tell him maybe next time.

Things need to change, there is a saying that goes like this out with the old in with the new, so if you don’t want your date to think you are old school and boring you need to up your game.

Latest Fun Ideas For Date Night

1. Sightseeing

Who doesn’t want to play tourist even if it just for a day especially if you have been living in that city for a long period of time. So take your date on the city and play tourist, am sure there is a lot of places you can visit in your city.

2. Picnic

You can never go wrong with picnics, all you have to do is pack some food and drinks (champagne) and choose a beautiful location and you are all set, Plus going on a picnic helps get to know your date better.

3. Beach

Going to the beach is a great idea for a first date why? Well, you get to participate in outdoor activities with your date. After all the activities then comes the romantic part you get to sit on the beach, relax and you get to watch the sunset.

4. Brunch

On first date, people always go for dinner and like I said dinner is so out of date. Instead of dinner ask your date to brunch, trust me you can never go wrong with it, just head to a new spot or that famous place you have been dying to try.

5. Art Gallery

If you love art and you want to find out if your date also loves art then going to the art gallery is perfect for first date, you get to find out if your date loves art and if he/she does then the both of you can argue (in a friendly way) which art or artist is the best.

6. Visit a museum

Visiting a museum can be enlightening, it can be good experience for you and your date why? Because you learn more about history, you get to spend time with your date and museums can be inspiring.

7. The Zoo

The zoo is great for first dates, you get to know what animals your date likes and doesn’t like. If you don’t want to spend too much money then the zoo is the right choice and you get to know your date some more and you guys won’t lack for conversations.

8. Comedy Show

You can spice up your first date with laughter by going to a comedy show, laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Going to a comedy show helps you to know what can of jokes your dates likes and doesn’t like.

9. Watch a live match

So you find out that your date loves sports, take your date to watch his/her favorite team play. You guys get to shout, boo and cheer the players and you also get to see the other side of your date.

10. Go to a Concert

Going to a concert on a first date can be cool, if you and your date are lacking in the conversation department(awkward silence) then the loudness of the concert will solve that problem, you get to find out what type of music your date like and doesn’t like.

11. Explore your Hobbies Together

On first dates, it is essential that you and your date have fun so do something that both you and your date like, explore each other hobbies, for example, your date likes cooking then take a cooking class together, this way you and your date get to bond and you can never know your date might say yes to a second date.

12. Visit a Flea Market

if you want to get some shopping done then invite your date to a flea market, a typical flea market involves shopping, food and drinks so you and never get bored at a flea market.

13. Go to the Bookstore

Going to the bookstore is a fun thing to do on a first date especially if both of you are book nerds, you get to know what type of books your date likes, you get to browse the books in the store. If you and your date are short of words, you can talk about a book that you are reading and you get to flirt with each other.

14. Cook a meal together

For a first date, you can stay at home with your date and cook dinner together, if you are a really good cook what better way to show off your cooking skill and if you are the type that prefers take out, you can just take a step back and chop the veggies.

15. Take a walk in the Park

You can ask your date to the park, the both of you can take in the scenery and the fresh air. There is no set time to take a walk in the park and if you are not feeling the date you can just walk away.

If you liked any of the ideas or you tried it out and you liked it and you have some that you would like for me to add let me know in the comment below.

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