How To Spot A Fake Online Dating Profile
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Online dating has its pros and its cons, one of its pros is that it is one of the growing and the fastest ways to get dates or find the love of your life. The main cons of online dating is that there are a lot of fake online dating profiles.

A lot of people have fallen prey to fake online dating profiles, I can say from my experience with online dating is that I have come across a lot of fake online dating profiles. I was a victim of one, I was chatting with this guy, he said he was from Germany and we started chatting I started noticing that every time I asked him to let us video chat, he always made excuses and also he kept asking me for my home address and stuff, so I decided to check out his profile on other social media platform, lord and behold this guy didn’t have any other account on other social media platform when I confronted him about it he literally blocked me.

Anyways, i have gathered some tips for you guys so that you will be able to identify fake online dating profiles, so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Lack of a profile picture: the first thing, you will use to identify a fake online dating profile is that they don’t have any any profile pictures and even if they do , they only have one profile picture so be aware of dating profiles that do not have profile picture.

First Impression: First impression is everything, if you are chatting with someone and the first impression isn’t great or it’s rubbing you of wrong then the account is fake.

Lack of Information: In online dating profile is very key, if you click on a dating profile and it has adequate information you can somewhat trust the account isn’t fake, I said somewhat because sometimes (not all the time) you will see an online dating profile that is full of information and they are fake, if a dating profile doesn’t have enough information that you would like to see then the account is fake or it doesn’t have any information then it is a fake dating profile which you should avoid.

Search Social Media: When it comes to identifying if a dating profile is fake or not, you need to check other social media platforms, search their names on google (that is a must) and then go to other social media platforms after going all this procedures and you don’t find anything on the person you are looking into then the account or person you are looking into is fake.

Automated Message: You are to always keep an eye out for automated messages, so when chatting with someone up online and you want to identify a fake account, watch the way the messages come in, it’s a bit difficult to do because it is not easy to identify automated messages but it can be identify. To identify an automated message check the pattern in which the person you are chatting with is responding to you.

Always asking for personal information: if you are chatting with someone and the person keeps asking for personal information, for example, if you are chatting with someone and they keep asking you for you home address or asking you for money when you guys are just starting to get to know each other then best know that the account is fake.

That is all the tips I have for you on how to spot a fake online dating profile, remember you should take precaution when it comes to this dating sites, there are a lot of fake online dating profiles out there. if you are looking for the best dating site then here are the best online dating sites.

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  1. I see this a lot on Twitter. I didn’t realize it expanded to dating sites. That’s unfortunate. Thanks for sharing your knowledge in regards to picking out fake accounts.

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