How to overcome self doubt
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In my last post. I talked about how to practice self love, today I am going to be sharing how to overcome self doubt, I know a lot of us have an issue when it comes to self doubt even though we sometimes won’t admit it, so without wasting any more time let’s get into it.

Self doubt is that little troublesome and insistent voice that can hold you back from reaching your full potential, sometimes it can be helpful, it can help you see what your limitations are in a situation or even a bad idea that you might have. Overcoming self doubt is something that will take time and determination and not something that can happen overnight.

How To Overcome Self Doubt

How To overcome self doubt
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Tell Yourself To Stop

Tip number one on how to overcome self doubt is to tell yourself to stop when you feel yourself doubting yourself, take a deep breath, and think about something else before your thoughts get out of control.

Look At Your Past

You need to know to look back on your past, find out why you are always doubting yourself is it fear for what it is that you are about to start or it is just a voice that keeps stopping you from reaching your full potential. Self doubt can keep you in your comfort zone and making changes if you can look to your past and find out if anything bad has happened when you ignored the self doubt voice.

Talk To Someone

Another tip on how to overcome self doubt is to talk to someone about it, this can be very helpful in dealing with self doubt, you can talk to your friend or a family member or a therapist. Self doubt can be an exaggerated thought sometimes but when you talk about it to someone, when you say it out loud you can see some times that it can be an exaggeration.

Don’t Get Into The Comparison Trap

Tip number four on how to overcome self doubt is to not get into the comparison trap, I always say this when you compare yourself to other people especially successful people and the high-end life that they live on social media (i.e Instagram) Self doubt will surely creep in, the best thing to do is to compare yourself to yourself, so that you can see how far you have come and what you have overcome and how you have grown as a human being.

Start A Journal

You need to write down your feelings, what it that you are going through, keeping a journal can help you gain clarity easily, it will help you keep a more realistic version of your life so that you can remember the positive things in your life and the successes that you have achieved.

Remember That Not Everything is About You

Another tip on how to overcome self doubt is to always remember that not everything is about you, when you are criticized about something it is easy for self doubt to set in, when you are supposed to go on a date and your date cancels it is easy to start doubting yourself, if something doesn’t go your way you start doubting yourself. What you need to know is that not everything is about you, you being criticized is to help you grow, your date cancelling might be because something urgent came up that needed to be attended to and when something does not go your way, you need to remember that life happens.

Setbacks Are Temporary

Another tip on how to overcome self doubt is to know that setbacks are temporary, in this life you need to know that if you are experiencing setbacks in your life, it does not mean it will last forever, it is just for the main time till something amazing comes along.

Sharpen Your Skill

The last tip on how to overcome self doubt is to sharpen your skill, If you get self doubt when it comes to your work then sharpen your skill when it comes to your work whether it’s presentation work or your art, sharpening your skills will help increase your confidence in your work.

That is all the tip i have for you on how to overcome self doubt, i hope this tips help you and remember that this things take time and if you put in the hard work you will start seeing results.

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  1. Great list! I especially like the point that set backs are only temporary. It reminds me of a quote…. “All bad things, like good things, must end”.

  2. I have to agree with the fact that starting a journal can help with this and so much more!! Great article!

  3. I get stuck in the comparison trap way more than I wish I did! Great post and suggestions.

    -Juliana /

    1. Great tips! The hardest one for me is “not everything is about you”. I always assume the worst and then have anxiety about it.

  4. I just wrote a piece of building Self Esteem and it is crazy how much of the advice is the same! Controlling negative thoughts is do important to the way we see ourselves. Thanks for posting.

  5. Journaling is definitely one of my favorite forms of self-care. I use the Daylio app and it is a mood tracker app, but it also has a notes section where you can journal any thoughts. I use this app at least once a day and it is definitely very helpful. Just writing things down to get them off my chest when I do not have anyone to talk to about them has been very helpful for mental health lately.

  6. Love your advice! Don’t Get Into The Comparison Trap Is the best advice for conquering self doubt. Everyone is different and comparing yourself will only lead to disappointment.

  7. Wonderful post! Self doubt is such an ugly thing, but it’s so hard to ignore and get rid of. I tend to doubt myself a lot when it comes to my writing and I hate that I question the one thing I love doing most, but these were very helpful tips that I will implement on myself. Thank you for sharing!

  8. You’re tips are fantastic! I often finding myself succumbing to one form or another of self doubt. Thank you so much for this!

  9. Wonderful post, I love these tips. Especially the point that setbacks are only temporary. It’s hard to remember that in the moment! Also, to add to your suggest to just stop thoughts of self-doubt, I will try to replace the thought with something I’m confident about.

  10. Great advice! I liked number one…. tell yourself to stop… sometimes the what seems like the simplest advice can be most effective, ha. I have also found journaling to be helpful too. Thanks.

  11. Thank you for such a well timed post for me! I often struggle with imposter syndrome and a ton of self doubt. There are some great tips here, especially remembering that ‘it’s not all about you’ l can often get so over focused on my self doubts and imagine folks and looking and judging, but most of the time people are too focused on their own lives to worry about mine! Thanks for a great read.

  12. This is great advice that I needed to hear. Journaling has become something that helps, and I’m working on building my confidence. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thank you for these tips. Whenever I feel self-doubt coming in the way of me trying to reach a goal I give myself a little pep-talk. Something along the lines of: “You can do it, you beautiful, badass, killing-it, ninja bitch! Do the thing!” I’m weird like that.

    All the best all the way from South Africa, Michelle (

  14. While I love social media and see many benefits to it’s use in our daily lives, I’m also a firm believer that it has contributed a lot to the increasing amount of self doubt that we are seeing in today’s youth. Scrolling through someone’s social media account is like watching the highlight reel of a movie, you only see the best moments. If you compare that to your whole story, you’re bound to feel badly. After all, you’re not considering any of the trials and tribulations that the other person has had to face.

  15. Great article! I get stuck in the comparison trap a lot especially in my field of work. Everything is so subjective so there is no good way to measure if my work is actually good or not. But I do find journaling to be very helpful although I’m not good about doing it regularly.

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