How to develop a growth mindset
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Having a growth mindset can be helpful for your success that is why I am sharing tips on how to develop a growth mindset for you to be able to reach your full potential. Developing a growth mindset will help have self-confidence, it will help you in believing in your own skill and be able to take a chance on yourself. Let’s discuss the different mindset that there is.

Fixed Mindset Definition

Having a fixed mindset is when you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, you are always believing in what other people have to say about you, or when you prefer to be in your comfort zone and to be honest I have been in this situation before (who hasn’t) but I can tell you. it is not an easy thing to try to break free people who subtlely treated/spoken to you like you are a nobody and that you can never rise above whatever it is that you are going through or trying to break free of your comfort zone and subconsciously you start believing them.

Fixed Mindset Examples

  1. I am jealous of other people’s success
  2. That job is out of my league, I don’t apply
  3. I will stick to what I know
  4. I can’t change who I am
  5. Feedback is criticism
  6. There is no point trying when I am going to fail
  7. I am too old to learn anything new

Growth Mindset Definition

A growth mindset is the opposite of a fixed mindset, this mindset lets you believe in yourself, it is based on the belief that your abilities and through your efforts you can work towards your goals. For those with a growth mindset, there is always going to be a path to progress and with enough hard work, success can be achieved.

Growth Mindset Examples

  1. It is never too late for me to learn something new
  2. It is alright to fail, it is part of my journey to success
  3. I can always improve at something
  4. Feedback is very powerful for my personal development
  5. I am constantly evolving
  6. Other people’s success motivates me to work harder

How to Develop A Growth Mindset

Embrace and Love Your Imperfections: the first tip on how to develop a growth mindset is to embrace and love your imperfections, you can achieve anything if you hide from your weaknesses, you need to face your weaknesses head-on which means to love and embrace your imperfection, no one is perfect and you shouldn’t try to reach perfection because that is a goal that is unattainable.

Effort: Another tip on how to develop a growth mindset is effort, you need to put effort in the things that you do, put the effort into developing your mindset.

Try Different Strategies: When trying to have a growth mindset and you have tried a particular method and it is not working you need to try different strategies to see which one works best for you, don’t limit yourself to just one way to do something try other methods that way you get to grow.

Stop Seeking Approval From Others: Most think they have to other people’s approval before they can do anything in their life, ell if you want to move forward then you need to stop seeking other people’s approval, you can seek feedback on something but do not seek approval from others when you put other people’s approval over learning then you will never see your own potential.

Value The Process: The number five tip on how to develop a growth mindset is to value the process, we are always rushing to get to the end result that we forget to take a moment and just the process of getting to the end goal. So whenever you are rushing to finish that project or to get to that goal that you set, just take a moment to enjoy the process/ the steps you are taking towards your goal.

Have A Sense Of Purpose: Having a growth mindset means you need to have a sense of purpose, find your purpose in life, find out what you are passionate about, what makes you happy whenever you are working on it and if you still don’t know what your purpose in life is then here are tips on how to find your purpose in life.

Celebrate Your Growth With Others: For you to be able to appreciate your growth you need to celebrate with others, share progress with others so that can celebrate with and you never know you might just be inspiring someone else.

Value Growth Over Speed: The number eight tip on how to develop a growth mindset is to value growth over speed, Most of us want to rush to the finish line, just like in school when we read for just exams and not to understand what we are actually reading, so qhat I am trying is instead of trying to get to the end result fast why don’t you actually learn and grow from the process.

Learn New Stuff: It is never to learn a new skill, this helps you grow, you can never have too much skill or knowledge. you need to have a learning appetite for you to be able to have a growth mindset which will open your mind to a lot of possibilities.

Ask For Feedback: Tip number ten on how to develop a growth mindset is to ask for feedback, people with a growth mindset always seek feedback from people, they don’t see it as criticism, they see it as a way to develop and challenge themselves and also an opportunity to learn something new which will in turn lead them to being successful.

Be Persistent: The ability to keep going after so many obstacles and setbacks, this is a key life skill which will help on the journey to success, persistence can be developed and having a persistent growth mindset will definitely help you to succeed.

Make Time For Reflection: Another tip on how to develop a growth mindset is to make time for reflection, you need to take a step back and look at how far you have come and what goals you have achieved and what the journey has been like.

Learn From Other People’s Mistake: It is important to not compare yourself to others but it is also to understand that human beings are not perfect so we tend to make the same mistakes have the same weaknesses.

Take Risks: The second to the last tip on this list of how to develop a growth mindset is to take risks, most people are afraid to risks because they are scared to fail, and also they would rather stay in their comfort zone rather than take risks they might lead them to success, people with a growth mindset will always that risk because they know that if they don’t take it then they will never achieve anything.

Take Ownership Of Your Attitude: The tip on how to develop a growth mindset is to take ownership of your attitude, you need to own it, you have to acknowledge that you have a growth mindset and be proud of it so that it can guide you through every aspect of your life both professional and personal.

That is all the tips I have for you on how to develop a growth mindset, I hope these tips help you in developing a growth mindset which will be beneficial to your life and remember if you don’t take consistent actions you will not see any result.

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  1. I like the fact you mentioned that reflection and feedback are great ways to create and maintain a growth mindset, I often find that these elements are left out. They are so important as is developing growth in this way. Great post — thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful post! Especially your ideas at the end. One of the things I always say is to stop seeking the approval of others because the only person you need approval from is yourself. Plus being persistent, I started practicing the piano this month and I still gotta work on persistency haha. But I’ll get there! Thanks for sharing these tips!

  3. Growth over speed

    And ask for feedback are my two favorite pieces of advice! It’s vital to learn how to use constrictive criticism but I don’t feel it’s talked about enough as we’re growing into adulthood.

    Great post !

  4. Great post! I’m a community college professor and we teach our students growth mindset to encourage them that they don’t have to be “good at English” to expand their reading and writing skills.

  5. Excellent comparison between a fixed and growth mindset. I try to focus on the growth mindset when encouraging myself & others that it’s still possible to catch-up savings after a late start.

  6. I love these tips! I definitely think the older I get the more receptive I am to feedback as it allows me to improve my skills! Also agree with you’re never too later to learn!

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