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Best Planners For 2021 Includes Free printable Planner

Best Planners For 2021
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Start the new year by planning out your goals and increase your productivity levels that is why I will be sharing the best planners for 2021 that you can use so that you can make 2021 your best year yet.

As you know planners and organizers are a must for you if you are trying to put your best and most productive self forward whether you are looking for something fancy or you are looking for something that is just functional and will help you stay motivated throughout the year. You can check out this of best planners for 2021.

Most of these planners are paper which will help give you a break from using your device all time, so without wasting any more time let’s get into the list.

Best Planners For 2021

The Erin Condren Life Planner (Create Your Custom Life Planner Design) $55

Best Planners For 2021 Includes Free printable Planner 1

The first planner on our list of best planners for 2021, this life planner is a customizable one, you get to decide what you want your planner should look like from the cover page to the interior weekly layout and also coordinate your coil. With this planner you get monthly quotes that will motivate you to get to work, It also has monthly notes and productivity pages. Shop Now

Ivory Paper (All In One Planner) $46.55

Best planners for 2021

The second planner on our list is this ivory paper all in one planner, this planner comes with different cover paper, from the rainbow cover page to the one with the glitter animal print to the abstract watercolor to the navy floral cover page, whichever design you want you will get, you can even customize the cover page if you want and also add your name. The ivory paper all in one planner gives you visual overview of the month, week and day all in one day, their minimalistic design gives you a lot of spaces on the page to write. Shop Now so you can get yours.

Silk+Wonder Planner $19 to $54

Best Planners for 2021

This planner is different from the others, silk and sonder is a subscription based planner, there is a monthly subscription which costs $19 and there is the quarterly subscription which is for three months which is $54 and the last one which is the annual subscription which cost $179, you choose whichever subscription is best for you. You are the one that gets to customise your planner. Shop Now to check it out.

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BooQool 2021 Planner $9.34

Best Planners For 2021 Includes Free printable Planner 2

Another planner on our list of best planners for 2021 is this booqool 2021 planner which has a pink texture and golden gilding cover, it has 12 months of weekly and monthly pages and holidays marked for you to be able to remember important dates. The planner also has ample space for a detailed daily/weekly planning. Shop Now

Blue Sky Planner 2021 $9.99

Best planners for 2021

If you are looking for something a bit more practical then this blue sky planner is for you, the planner includes a convenient list of holidays, reference calendars, contacts pages and extra notes pages to accommodate your scheduling needs, it also has monthly view pages contain previous and next month reference calendars for long-term planning, and a notes section for important projects; Major holidays listed, elapsed and remaining days noted. Shop Now to get the planner.

Panda Planner $20

Best planners for 2021

The number six planner on the list of best planners for 2021 is Panda planner, this planner part agenda, part gratitude, part journal planner, part schedule, part goal planner, part life organizer, all productivity which will help you with your goals, help you practice gratitude and also write down your feelings. Shop Now

Bloom Daily Planner $16.95

Best Planners for 2021

Another planner on our list of best planners for 2021 is the bloom daily planner, this planner comes with life coaching worksheets and inspirational features to help you set and achieve all of your goals for the year, it also has a personal mission statement prompt and yearly goal setting page, weekly scheduling templates, purpose and values pages, habit tracking, vision board, monthly spending log, to-do list pages, notes pages, contacts/address book pages, inspirational quotes and monthly challenges. Shop Now to get this jam packed planners an affordable price.

That is all the recommendation that I have on best planners for 2021, you can also check out my free printable planner, I hope this helps you plan out your goals for the year.

Best Planners For 2021 Includes Free printable Planner 3

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  1. Can you please update this as you come across new ones? It is so hard to find a decent resource for planners! This was helpful because you actually hit on the planners that tend to be “most popular” but no one ever actually discusses them. I like that you add prices and details about complexity (customization, what it’s best used for, etc), which to me is important as someone who relies on paper planners for work and personal projects.

    1. Adenike says:

      I definitely will update it

  2. The subscription based planner sounds interesting – I had never heard of that.

    1. Adenike says:

      It is the best

  3. Those are very nice looking planners. Since my wife and I retired I have stopped using planners and we’re using an app called Cozi. We just don’t do enough to use a planner.

  4. I love a good old fashioned planned and admit typically chosing mine based on appearance!

  5. I’m a huge fan of paper planners and calendars. Looking forward to getting organized for 2021. Thanks for the tips here!

  6. I definitely need a planner. I appreciate you sharing this list because I do not know where to begin to find one! I would have loved to see the inside of them.

  7. I love the Bloom planners. I’ve only ever had one in the past and it was 2020 – so it’s not as if it did me any good. But it was still a gorgeous planner and helped keep me on track when I was actually back to work.

  8. The panda planner sounds interesting with having the part gratitude planner with it. I used to love checking out planners but I thought about just making one where I can put the templates myself but before I use these types. Thanks for sharing this. 😊 xx

  9. Jeannie says:

    I live with planners, thanks for these cute planners! I dont need a super expensive planner but something really really useful 🙂

  10. I love all forms of stationery and a good planner is something I cherish — I love some of the ones you’ve included here!

  11. I love planners! I am always trying to find the best one for me. There are so many out there it is hard to find one I like. Thanks for sharing this post! It is so helpful.

    1. Adenike says:

      I am happy I could help

  12. I love planners they are such a great way to get organized. You shared so many beautiful planners here.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Adenike says:

      thank you

  13. I would love to get one of these planners but I’m so wary that this year will be spent at home like 2020!


    1. Adenike says:

      I totally understand

  14. Nice list! I’ve been looking for physical planners, but I’m leaning more on a digital planner side. But the Ivory planner looks beautiful, maybe I’ll get it this year hmm. Anyways thanks for sharing these planners!

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