At Home Date Ideas For Couples During Lock Down
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Hey guys, How are you doing during this lock down period? In this post I am going to share with you guys at home date ideas for couples during lock down.

I know that most couples will be finding it hard to come up with date ideas to do during quarantine but not to worry guys I have got you covered, I have tips of at home date ideas for couples during lock down that you and your partner can definitely try out at home.

At Home Date Ideas For Couples During Lock Down

Play Video Games: You and your partner can challenge each other by playing video games and if your partner does not know how to play video game then this is the perfect time to teach your partner how to play video games.

Have A Late Night Dinner: You and your can have a late night dinner which means you guys can wait till the kids are asleep then cook yourselves a really amazing dinner and make the scene a romantic one by having some candle light and also put on some really nice music.

Complete A Puzzle Together: Another tip in the at home date ideas for couples during lock down is for you and your partner to complete a puzzle together, there are a lot of puzzles out there so I an sure you guys can pick one and complete together.

Have A Paint Party: You guys can have a paint party, I know you guys must be wondering what does this mean, well you and your partner can pick up some art supplies next time you go to the mall and the set up a place in your house, put on some music and have yourselves a fun paint party.

Classic Movie Night: Another tip in the at home date ideas for couples during lock down is that you and your partner can go for the classic movie night, have some popcorn and put on a really romantic movie (like the notebook) and enjoy yourselves.

Have Your Own Dessert Night: You and your partner can have yourselves a dessert night where the both of you can make dessert together and you either of you don’t know how to make dessert then you can go on to YouTube and watch videos on how to make dessert.

Have An At Home Spa Day Or Night: You and your partner can have yourselves a spa day or night, you can give each other a massage, have yourselves some relaxing time.

Have A Picnic: Another tip in the at home date ideas for couples during lock down is to have a picnic, you can have it in your living room, bedroom or in your backyard.

Exercise Together: You and your partner can start working out together, you can give each other some challenges or give each other some time limit that can help with your exercise.

Make Tiktok Videos Together: Everyone is on Tiktok these days especially couples, there are some fun things you can do on Tiktok like answering some couple questions among other things.

Ask Get To Know Each Other Questions: The last tip for the at home date ideas for couples during lock down is to ask get to know each other question, this will help in knowing your partner even more, if you don’t know what questions you can check out my post on Intimate questions to ask your partner.

That is all the tip, I have for at home date ideas for couples during lock down, I hope this tips helps you guys during this lock down. Do not forget to Wash Your Hands and also Practice Social Distancing so that you can not only keep yourself safe but also people around you.

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  1. Exercise and cooking together is really healthy for a couple to build up their relationship stronger. Nice and important information.. Thanks for sharing

  2. We have done some of these but never thought about the others. We’ll have to try a video game night for sure. Especially with video games we liked as kids. Sounds fun.Bl

  3. I like your ideas especially intimate questions, picnic, and spa day. Would love to try tik tok but my husband wouldn’t do it …, lol

  4. Great list! Husband and I are currently on a Netflix and Chill routine as soon as the kids are in bed. I am going to try to convince him of one of these ideas instead.

  5. Great suggestions! We have had a few movie marathon nights since all this started. My husband is still working, so it’s nice for him to be able to relax and throw on a movie to put it all behind him when the work day is done – there’s a lot of extra stress for those who are considered essential workers right now!

  6. My husband and I have been doing a lot of these together. We’re so grateful that this quarantine has actually strengthened our marriage. It’s been a blast spending so much time together. I wanna try a paint night soon! Thanks for the ideas.

  7. These are fab Ideas! I find that my other half and I are spending so much time in front of the TV. We did a puzzle but that ended up in quarrels rather than bonding :’D xx

  8. Love these ideas – our best friends (a married couple) just did a tik too challenge together yesterday and I couldn’t stop laughing for an hour – just getting down that routine would feel up a wholeeee evening:) We do dinners together after the kids are off to bed and we FINALLY get an hour of quiet where we can actually hear each other. It is so important to do these little things because it’s easy to get swallowed up by this “new normal”

  9. Great ideas. We already do movie night. I would like to try: Ask Get To Know Each Other Questions. After 29 years of marriage I think we might surprise each other as we are no longer the same two people that got married so long ago. We were babies.

  10. Great ideas! We’ve been playing Animal Crossing, playing board games & watching movies. We have also been going for walks when we can.

  11. Wow! These are really great At Home Date ideas. Some of those we are already doing in this lockdown period. Some of these ideas are too romantic.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. These are some great ideas, we have definitely been running out of things to do together so thanks for the inspiration!!

    Roni 🖤

  13. Such a lovely post. My boyfriend and Ihad date night last night, we turned off the tv and played monopoly listening to all of the old songs that make us happy. It was so so nice.

  14. Some really great tips here. A friend of mine actually recreated a normal date night at home by creating nandos and the cinema (complete with popcorn). I can’t wait to try some of these out 🙂

  15. I’m loving these… unfortunately me and my boyfriend aren’t isolating together 😞, but I would love to give these a go one day!

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